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March 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Since my last post was so famous between the guys and I did not put up something to please the young ladies’s eyes I decided to put up my photoshopped version of a hottie in a tub with a rubber duckie (NuNu for sure will enjoy him). Actually it’s my hot guy, nummy, he’s mine girls so be careful not to take him away but I think I’ll be willing to share a bit. Oh well actually he’s not at all mine or anything.

So without further ado, this is Boris Kodjoe, a model/actor, some of the TV series he was on were Soul Food and Second Time Around. Check him out :P (me swoons)

And finally for all you Purgatory lovers, I give you KIRKING A LA PURG

You know Purgatory loves his duckie don’t you? :P Don’t you? :P Oh well I’m expecting hate mail from Purgatory but I believe Is7aq will love me more for it :P

P.S. For you fellows, be sure to tune in tomorrow to see what I have in store for you :P

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  1. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  2. Tooomi, I knew you would enjoy it as will the many others who will check it out soon ;P I believe it’s time for me to take a trip abroad don’t you think? :P

  3. The first guy is the dude from Soul Food!

    Second dude looks icky :p

  4. You will be safe from Purg for a while ;) At least a few hours…have you packed your bag yet? Booked your ticket? If not, do it NOW! *amuzed*

  5. Sou, Yea I know :P I kinda mentioned it :P Second guy happens to be Purgatory, he loves duckie so much he took a picture with him on his lap :/

    Toomi, No I didn’t do anything yet :( I’m going to be dead LOL!

  6. Since purg is away, i feel that it is my duty to reply to this post.

    This post is atrocious! Purg does not resemble that man in the picture.

    How dare you ally with a new blogger against an old school jaqui?!

    (side note: if purg was here and able to comment i would have said “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA smart ass ;)”

  7. Your Battlefield

    lmao, hilarious, but seriously where’d you get such a photograph am guessing curiosty of google and member soul food those were the days huh, i miss watching the show with yah :D

    never would i have guessed what u told me was true seriously, all my doubts are wrong and thanks for straightening them out…u know what i’m talking about… :*

    purg will probably make a hate post bout u but ….oh all this is priceless :P i tell u PRICELESS

    can’t wait for more…. ;)

  8. Rampurple, LOL! Well he won’t be back so I’m safe for now :P Unless someone does email him with information about this post :P LOL Then I will change my name and hide :P Hehehe but loved your last line.

  9. OMG!!!!!! The 1st pic is just WOW!!!

    That’s just what I adore!!
    Dark, Handsome and shaved head guy!! Ommwwwaaaahhh!!! ;*

    Thank you Jackie..

    As for the 2nd pic, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it.

  10. My sister, Yea I know, I love being priceless. Oh well I guess until then I will remain undercover :P

  11. NuNu, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! But the second pic is the most important. As for the first yes he is mine and akh :/ I can’t forget our dreams together :/

  12. *sigh* Ya bakhtich =/

  13. Nunu, dreams a great thing, just concentrate on him and a lovely dream might arise :P LOL

  14. can you cut the hair of the second guy, he resembles perv truly.

  15. Fadibou, LOL I can’t cut the hair it’ll look fotoshopped as opposed to the duckie I inserted there :P


    Can I rent him off of you Jackie? Just ONE NITE!

    Purg is a bit too hairy 4 me :P

  17. no more naked women ??

    i think some day someone will report this to Qnet/Fasttelco to block your “blog”

    “so please try to put more pics before blockin` it up”


  18. Yeah He is SOOOOOO Borilicious ;*

  19. Dear Jackie,

    I understand the good intentions you have in your heart. I cannot support such an act since I fear that some day you will position me like that.

    I suggest you take a different path in order to impress me.

    Un-impressed Is7aq

  20. Ananyah, sure I grant you boris for one night and one night only :P

    Frankom, Sure thing :P However hehehehehe I doubt they will block me :/ They’ll see me as disturbed ;P

    Nunu, He’s delicious, I’d like to use some whipped cream and strawberries with chocolate :P

    Is7aq, LOL I would never do such a thing towards is7aq :P Then again it’s supposed to be a joke at Purgatory :P Hehehe I’m just anxious to be sent to the guillotine.

  21. You didn’t get kirking right…
    I am waiting to see when you will be blocked as well ;)

  22. the first guy reminds me of myself, when i was big, bold and black.
    I miss those days.

  23. oooh can I borrow the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries for my 1 night with Boris ;)

  24. Tooomi, Me? Why? What did I get wrong but don’t worry I won’t be blocked anytime soon.

    Fadibou, Yea those were the days ha? :P

    Ananyah, NO! It’s all mine :/

  25. Lol jackos, you naughty girl you ;)