The multiple workings of…

March 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Disclaimer: This post may contain images shocking to your senses, I have warned you, so don’t blame your nightmares on me!

The weird workings of Jacqui and Jackie of course, include the smallest things in life. I am sure you didn’t understand that sentence, in the simplest words I would like to show you that both Jacqui and Jackie are different than each other in the smallest of things.

For example, taking a bath. While Jackie has estranged herself from her other half “Duckie”, Jacqui is still on good terms with the Duck and tends to use him in the bathtub.

Whether it is only with herself alone.


Whether it is when Duckie joins little boys and Jacqui observes

Woops not those kind of little boys :P Disturbing isn’t he?

Instead it is those little boys

And this little cute boy as well…

But the end result is always the same, it is always a cute little pie with a duckie in his hand or mouth.

Whereas, Jackie has ended her long relationship with Duckie and prefers to keep her distance, the shockingly berverted Jacqui prefers to continue her relation and to continue her journey on embracing the multiple perverted-ness one can achieve.

This has all been insightful into the world of the two Jackie and Jacqui, one cannot make a plural out of those women but one can hope that one day one would either convert to the bad side or the other to convert to the good side right?

Just don’t hold your breath too long…

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  1. omg u crack me up jackie/jacqui…. person!

    damn u remind me of me, myself and irene :P

    and mashalla what big erm boobs u have :P

  2. Did you know there’s a naked guy in this post?

  3. Ananyah, it is said that art is a farce of life I guess or making a big joke out of it :/ Hence the boobs ;/ Plus she’s hot I mean one has to imagine Jacqui being a hot, sexy, naughty devil! Whereas Jackie is plain old Jane :P

    Sou, really? where? where?

  4. Erm…like second picture….

    And like, OMG! He’s very very naked! :o

  5. Naked Women !!
    im going to check up your site every ____ Second :)

  6. Sou, Seriously? I didn’t notice that. :S

  7. Well he’s right there!!!!

    And his bum’s there too!!

    (hello bum!)

    Erm…so as I was saying, there’s a naked dude and well, ya3ni, couldn’t u have chosen one that was better looking? :p

  8. Sou, sorry :/ I blame it on the internet, not many hot dudes decide to pose with a duck :( a rubber duck, a rubber duck that doesn’t do anything for him other than place him the weirdo freak category :r No offense to the guy in the picture :P

  9. Well couldn’t you have found a cute guy and just used photoshop to add the duckie? *thinks*

  10. Sou, but that would be cheating :P

    And Frankom, it took a naked woman to get you here? :P Wow the wonders of the internet and the naked-ness it provides :P

  11. Cheating shmeating! :P

    Where have all the good looking guys gone?! *sigh*


  12. Ok I didnt even read the post in the beginning .. I tried staring Jacqui down in the first picture to bend her to my will!!!

    I have that abliity! And anyways every person is berverted to a degree inside.. and if they say they are not then they are lying or kidding themselves!!!


  13. Sou, oh well but I believe the male audience is already pleased :P

    Marzouq, Hehehehehe tears came to my eyes after reading your comment hehehe I swear I knew I would cause some chaos but not this much by putting up Jacqui’s picture :P

  14. i came because i heard there was a naked guy :P

    Kidding lol.. 3ad chan u put wa7ed hot! hehe

    jackie ur a 22 year old sagittarian :P ME TWO! lol khanshoof me akbar wila u ? im 27 Nov.. wat u ?

    btw sagittarians are the naughtiest sign in the zodiac :P

  15. Beyond Q8iya, who told you about ugly naked guy *me gets flash back from FRIENDS!* Hehehe I’m December 4th :P

    But yes it’s true we are the naughtiest and kinkiest sign :P

  16. Me OLDER :P:P

    i can pass my wisdom on to u :P or not heheh

    ehehhehe naughty, yes, kinky hmm,, a mix of crazy, nice, sexy, sweet, moody,..loveable im told too


  17. Beyond Q8iya, True I guess :P
    Hehehehehehe We are the “wow” factor :P

  18. check your e-mail, I sent you my picture naked with a duckie.. :p

  19. Well its not the Naked women that took me here …

    Humm… (Basic Instinct) My Friend :) :)

  20. O.o



    You Jacqui you lil devilishly devil

    lol, Umm wait you mean you broke up? or i didnt get the post… totaly lost :/

  21. Jackie ur sooo pervert

  22. 4got the :)

  23. Oh my, Jaqui has really nice.. assets… where’d she get them done? Monte Carlo? I hear they’re the best.


    ew ew ew, why don’t u post hotter guys??! :/

    just photoshop a cute rubber duckie into any hot guy pic… and the guy shouldn’t be naked! or have tan lines!

  25. Ew!! White naked guy =/
    Ya laitah black guy 3al aqal.. Chan you find me drooling!!
    Okay, I’ve got to stop!!!


  26. Yes.. I agree with Swair.. He is ugly =/

  27. Beyond Q8iya, :D

    The Don, I checked but nothing :( I’m sad people are waiting to glimpse at your legs :r

    Frankom, LOL! What lovely insticts you got :P

    Nonaw, We broke up a while back Duckie and I :P (Duckie is no one real just an imaginary duck, but Jacqui seems to remain in touch for the naughty little outings :P

    Nice, I’m glad to please you :P

    Nonaw, Awwwww I don’t know what to say :P

    Swair, yes I should’ve, I will next time :P Hmmm let me think of a hottie :P

    Nunu, LOL! Black guy hmmm let me try to appease your appetite next :P and yes he is ugly :P Sad :/

  28. It’s good to keep both sides :)