Stop the Insanity

March 19, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I have decided to refrain myself from posting any provacative pictures and what not, well actually Jackie has decided to force stop Jacqui from doing such a thing.

I have also decided to wait and see whether a retaliation from Purgatory will be seen anytime soon but no I am not afraid LOL! I don’t even know how that sentence came out!

I love father dearest, he hooked me up with some dough :P

I love grandma dearest, she hooked me up yesterday with some actual food.

My colleague is due back in the country tonight and my father is due back in a week or like around a week.

The weather is beautiful, I am itching to change my template but I actually kinda like it, ugh it’s a sad story of mine.

The insanity has spread to my memory, I recall calling Jack early in the morning but apparently I didn’t call him when I left the house, so he just called saying that “How can you leave home baby without calling me?” And I was like but I did, and now I remember that I called Swair and not Jack. Ohh the drama! LOL!

That’s all for now. And sorry to those of you who spoke to me late last night for my crazinesss :/ You know who you are.

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  1. He is so possessive

  2. Mosan, but I like being possessed :P It’s fun!

  3. But I liked Jackie the ‘ innocent.’

    Come baaaaaaaaaack!

    Jackie babe.. you’re my hero :*

  5. u were a bit crazy last nite jackie!

  6. Pearls, Inshalla she’ll be back next week when her craziness calms down LOL!

    Shurouq, Yes I am not afraid, he claims he’ll kill me in my shower, but I don’t take showers, I take bubble baths :P

    Ananyah, VERY!

  7. this post reminds me of my first calculas class, this guy, the teacher, wrote stuff on the board, consumed chalk, made dust and left this big drawing on the board which looked like nothing i could comprehend, I wished I paid attention earlier in the session.
    Who is Jack, jacquette, jacqui, jacqua, jocqua, jaokim, and swair. Its like the jackicious saga.

  8. jack is mr jackie……… jackie is normal jackie…. jacqui is her bervery side :)

    swiar is a funky friend :)

  9. is ananyah also jackie?