“Coming Home”

March 20, 2006  |  Creative

Note: The following is a short story written from the figments of my imagination.

Being married should never end the surprises experienced by couples, a common theory in most of the minds of young married couples. Bader had left home quite early today, he had an early meeting with his company, something that would grant him a promotion if he succeeded in getting this account. So Alia ended up taking their kids to school since it was her day off. Alia worked in a bank, a job she enjoyed but hated for its long hours. It was a rarity to enjoy a few hours with the kids, Nassir and Jenna, their 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter. But the chances she gets are always heaven and bliss in her opinion.

After dropping the kids, she headed off to do some shopping, she had an urge to surprise Bader tonight, but needed something sizzling hot to do so. But in the midst of her shopping, before the kids were let out of school she got a phone call from Bader telling her to “Go home immediately”. At first she was shocked since he never took that tone with her, and she was worried something happened so she hurried out of the mall and drove recklessly back home.

She called Bader before entering their block and he asked her to call him once she reached home so that he’d meet her in their garden before going inside. And so she did that, she reached the house, parked and rushed inside to see Bader standing there in the middle of their small garden looking so handsome. “What’s wrong baby? Is something wrong in th house? Did the kids call you up or something?” she spoke quickly without pausing to take a breath. Bader looked at her amusedly and started dragging her inside the house, but not directly in, instead he took her to his private dewaniya and closed the door.

“Nothing’s wrong honey, calm down,” he said in a husky voice while trying to calm her down. “But you said to come home immediately! What’s going on, you’re scarin–” he cut her off with a kiss, he wrapped his arms around waist tugging her closer to him, bringing her body in contact with his. His kiss started passionately but grew hotter as she started responding to him. Shaping his lips onto hers, sliding his tongue inside to have a taste of his delicious wife was too much for them to handle that he reluctantly dragged his lips away from hers breathing hard while whispering into her ear “I just missed you that’s all, baby.”

She looked at him questionably and started to say “That’s it! You missed me and made me rush here like a maniac! Why you! You! Y–” she started to stutter as she felt his lips softly touching the side of her neck, kissing them lightly, then starting to bite them. “You….Of all.. Mmmmm” she couldn’t even finish a thought which was exactly what he wanted to happen to her. He continued his soft torture until he couldn’t take it anymore, the clothes were just too much in between them. He needed to feel her body against his, needed to feel her skin touching his.

It’s been a while since they enjoyed each other without worrying that the kids would walk in, or that one of them would wake them up in the middle of the night to come and sleep with them, and Bader missed her dearly. He kept up the torture until he could feel her melting in his arms. He stripped her naked first, devoured her body with his heated stares, and undressed as quickly as he could to join her on the low couches that were in the room. They spent an hour or so enjoying each other, devouring the other until they were satiated.

Only when he felt her mood settle down and her attitude change that he whispered into her ear “I got it baby.” She looked at him wondering what he was talking about and asked “What did you get honey?” He smiled at her choice of words until she got what he meant this time and blushed, but he answered her “I got the promotion.”

She lifted herself up quickly and stared at him, unable to believe what she was hearing, then a broad smile spread on her face and she started hugging and kissing him. “I knew you would get it baby, I knew it! You’re the hardest worker there!” she exclaimed while spreading butterfly kisses all over his face. He laughed, he laughed as her lips descended upon his, and he laughed as she kissed him with all the love she felt for him.

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  1. awww that story is so sweet ;)

    I hope everything works out for them! But they have to becareful no more little babies come around :P

  2. Oh! How cute!

    It’s naughty yet sweet!



  3. Realistic Version:
    -Phone Conversation-
    Husband: Honey, I got a wonderful surprise!
    Wife: Really? What is it?
    Husband: I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.
    Wife: Actually, I’m out right now.
    Husband: Come back, I need to see you.
    Wife: But I haven’t finished shopping yet and it’s going to take a while; tell me what it is.
    Husband: Oh alright… I got a promotion!
    Wife: Really?! Wow! I’m so proud of you.
    Husband: Yeah, I did it!
    Wife: Wow that’s such great news! Listen, I’ll hurry and try to get home as soon as I can okay?
    Husband: I’ll be waiting.
    Wife: Oh wait! Does that mean I can afford that new handbag I’ve been telling you about? :D

  4. Ananyah, why no more babies? :P Hehehehe it’s always fun to risk things don’t you think? :P

    Sou, hehehehe I’ll get around to the book as soon as I get around to finding myself LOL

    3baid, LOL! Yea I guess that would be how a conversation would go between them. But then again not everyone is as romantic or wild as Bader and Alia

  5. Sooooo romantic and sensuous, and yes married couples can make their lives adventurous and lively with surprises. Oh btw, I just learned that you?€™re working, pardon my long absence from the net, mabrook sweet pie and welcome to the real world :*

  6. Flamingoliya munches her peanuts





  7. awww.. shweeeet :D

  8. LOOOL@the realistic version by 3baid,
    Nice story

  9. Aawwwwww so sweet!! But I didn’t like what he did by making her rush there like a maniac..

  10. You know what’s great? You choose the name Bader out of all in your stories just like me ;)

  11. Ayya, Thanks honey and I am glad you loved the story hehehe I so loved writing this one ;P

    Flamingoliya, Don’t get jealous :P You might get your “Bader” some day :P

    Swair, that’s me and you :P NAH JUST KIDDING :/ I might get beaten up later on :/

    Mystique, Hehehe but hope you enjoyed reading it :)

    NuNu, But it’s still romantic nonetheless you know, I mean you get curious about what the hell is going on hehehe and yeah I like a few arab names the Arabic female names were hard to chose from :P

    K, NO HE WASN’T! :P


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