Bored and Alive

March 23, 2006  |  Uncategorized

So I exerted alot of effort today, created lots of things, but now I’m chilling out with “YouTube”‘s videos, checking out the latest in the Music scene since Showtime kind of is lost here and not working :( Booohooo

I’m sleepy yet I can’t drag myself out of my chair. My internet line is going to be disconnected tomorrow I guess or the day after which is sad :( Papa didn’t pay the bill yet, so I’ll have to wait until Saturday to maybe get re-connected again or something :( I hate this no Internet for a day, how will I survive?

Yes I live off the Internet, actually I believe I can build myself a house here and live and be happy wow! Hehehe Anywhoo I’m sleepy!

P.S. Be sure to check out Stallion’s new look.

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  1. That’s odd… My subscription dies tomorrow too @_@

  2. Can’t you call the ISP and pay over the phone?

  3. 3baid, It’s my phone line not my internet connection :/

    The Stallion, as I said not my Internet account, but the phone line that I use to dial to the internet from :/