Bah Humbug

March 29, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I am actually starting to hate everything around me, I believe my sunny attitude towards 2006 has begun to fail miserably. I have tried to ignore the signs but it’s pointless. I mean like ugh, it just wants to kick you in the crotch and stomp on your tummy doesn’t it? The year 2006 that is.

Just when one thinks that things can be different it just kills them all over again. I get so tired and I just feel that this is going no where. I still remember though how Rampurple used to comment and say that of all the bloggers she’s sure that I will be sitting at the computer on my wedding night or day blogging about it, but now I am not even sure about anything.

I am not even sure that blogging will help me anymore. I have tried to feel excited and such but not even K’s obsession with Cafe Supreme and CBTL, Purg’s obsession with Sushi, Stallion’s obsession with Stallions, Sou’s obsession with Coldplay, Swair’s obsession with her miserable pathetic excuse of a brother, nor Ananyah’s craziness, nor Tooomz’s girlish attitude, nor even Donny Boy’s and Jewaira’s lovely stories can pull me out of this one.

I have bared my soul here but I think it’s pointless, I think that these will be my last days. I have reached my prime, and I should go out with a bang rather than without nothing at all :/

Ugh, I might also be just rambling on about nothing in particular, but oh well.

I hate dusty days.

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  1. I am not obsessed about sushi!

    complaining is what you always do, so keep on complaining :P

  2. Jackie!
    Cheer up .. Like Daz said:

    It’s 5:30 in the mornin, now I’m yizzawnin
    Now as I perceive to get G to a tee
    And before I bail to school you know I blaze up a sack
    Another day, another dollar for the gangsta mack

    And unlike Purg .. I come clean about my addictions, and yes I am planning my next visit to CBTL as I write this.

  3. Girlish attitude?! *spikes volleyball at your head*

  4. Purgatory, omg! you’re in denial! Trust me you are obsessed with sushi!

    K, Thanks see you are a true friend, true partner, yalla next week CBTL! What do you say? :P

    Tooomi, What can I say? :/ You are a girl aren’t you?

  5. It’s a phase, and purg IS addicited to EDO, not sushi!

  6. Your cries to visit CBTL are falling on deaf ears.

  7. No, I am the spokeperson for Edo Pride, the cult that is slowly becoming widespread in Kuwait, but does not mean I have a sushi obession

  8. For a second there I thought you were Mimi from Rent but then when I read the post I changed my mind! :oP

    Inshallah you will feel better cause I know I go through those feelings when the weather is gloomy, wet and miserable! I don’t know how JC enjoys the gloomy nasty wet weather! I can’t stand it!

    As for EDO, it’s the only place worth going to for Sushi in Kuwait!

    Oh, and I love my facination with Stallions! ;o)

  9. Shopa, Tomatooe Tomato all english baby :P Hehehe so when he says Edo I say sushi!

    K, no they aren’t :(


    The Stallion, I still haven’t watched the movie Rent so I won’t get the umm reference :P Hehe But oh well the weather sucks ass therefore my mood sucks tush as well! :/ And I didn’t say anything about your fascination with Stallions :I

  10. Just Jackie, don?€™t you dare bale on me like that, the new outlook for 2006 is gonna stay the same.. good and bright.. don?€™t let anything else stop you from feeling like that, no matter how hard it gets, with that attitude, you can face your problems better

  11. hey jackie, hope you feel better soon.. besides, its not just you who’s passing through this phase… they say the eclipse causes major depressive moods and all that, so just blame it on the weather :p im sure it’ll pass
    i cant imagine the blogosphere without its Empress :o just imagine what’ll happen to all the people following in your footsteps.. think about US!! WE’LL BE SO LOST WITHOUT THE MOTHERSHIP :((

  12. jackie… we loveeeeeeee uuuu & we care about uuuu!

    yala come here, I’ll take u out to cheer u up :D

  13. They all lie! Nobody reads this blog except me and Purg.

  14. Long live Jackie!!

    I avail myself of this oppurtunity to bid you my sincere loyalism and devotion to keep you on track.

    P.S. K & Purg am I reading “reverse psychology”?!

  15. No no .. we just don’t really care.

  16. Donny Boy, but how can one keep up a positive outlook when all you’re surrounded by is negativeness :/ I mean take the recent happenings heh :/ Ugh

    Extinct-dodo, Heheh I never thought myself as an Empress nor a mothership to all bloggers out there, in reality I thought I complained too much as Purgatory would mention repeatedly and was a bit too umm I’m not sure :/

    Ananyah, Would you get em pasta? :(

    K, I know, it’s like all I had to do was post either perverted pictures or quitting posts and everyone is back to saying we read you :( I know I don’t got no one but you :(

    iDip, I thank your loyalism but sometimes it’s not enough you know :/

    K, don’t care about? :/ About me? :(