Fall from Grace?

April 17, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Ouch my back, my freaking back. No seriously, I’m dreading the minute I lay back in bed. Why you ask? Well because I know the minute I do, and relax the morning is going to be hell. Just like when you overindulge in drinking you would feel okay the day you do it, but sleep and wake up and say hello to Mrs. Hangover. I don’t know why I referred to it as a Mrs. But oh well :/

Let’s see, how did I fall? Well I fell down the stairs in Swair’s place. Yes I was all dressed in finery and all of that, skirt and heels, and going down the steps to go to the Toastmaster hall, where I was going to be the Toastmaster of the Evening or the Host of the Evening! So yes, I fell down at least 5 steps I believe, hurt my tailbone but I believe I’ll be fine. Don’t want to go to the doctor, don’t want to go at all!

I don’t feel like talking at all now, don’t feel like anything, it’s been like a bunch of bad luck all day I believe. For one thing I was hit from the back by another car but thankfully nothing happened to me nor the car nor the other guy or his car, and then it was this fall, and then it was Dad going mad on me for no reason at all.

So other than that, that’s it for me today. Buh-bye.

P.S. Nice to meet you NeO :)

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  1. soak in some warm water.. it should relax any sore muscles i guess.. madry i always see people soaking in their bathtubes on tv
    anyways hope you feel better quick :D

  2. soak in hot water, it surely does help

  3. awww.. im sorry you cant do much for the tailbone.. but i hope you feel better soon.. i just had a run of bad luck that i need to deal with tommorow morning.. its one hell of an adventure.. nobody got hurt but still annoying! I hope you feel better soon, and sorry you couldnt go to the Toastmaster meeting!

  4. Marzouq: actually, she was so brave, she actually stuck to her role and did the job perfectly (so yes, she could go to the TM meeting! it was you who couldn’t! :p)

    BABE! go to the damn doctor! or i’ll beat you up where it hurts, and i have a pretty good idea where!!

    i told u, i fell down the stairs b4, right one my tailbone, and because i haven’t been going to the doctor, it still hurts like hell!!! so go already, b4 it’s worse!

  5. Go to the Doctor and find out if its worse then it is! Dont just stay at home! Dont be stubborn! And Good job going to the ToastMasters!

  6. Ouch, pain in the back is a real pain in the back. Hope you feel better, try these back exercises to get well real fast:


    Sorry, for the blog plug but it is sort of appropriate.

  7. Extinct-Dodo, Yea I guess will do that when I get home since right now I’m at my Grandma’s Place.

    Fadibou, Will do soon :) Thanks for the advice.

    Marzouq, Yea I actually got up but right now I don’t wanna go to Doctor, I’ll just soak ina tub of hot water and see how things go if after a while it just gets worse I’ll go then. I don’t want to go to Doctor because I hate doctors :/

    Swair, I told you before it’s okay it’s not a big deal and I’ll be fine don’t worry hehe :P

    Don Veto, Probably I’ll try them out once the aching goes away :/

  8. i3jibatni mrs hangover…i actually refer to it as “devil poking ur brain”…madri:P

  9. You poor little girl. It didn’t show at all that you were hurting yesterday. You did a great job. Such a lousy day for you.

    Toastmasters was wonderfully fun. I didn’t think it would be. I went there just to honor your invitation (I find it hard to say no to ex-students) but I’m glad I did so thanks for the invite.

    And listen to Sou, go to the doc if you’re still in pain.

  10. Neo, Hehehe Oh well you say Tomatoe and I say Tomatoooo! Hehe

    Hanan, Yay hehe so If I invite you for the next time then you’ll come again and again and again?! :P But yeah I was nervous like hell but it didn’t show until the end I guess :P Hehehe And you should come more often because next time I’m the Table Topics Master :P Bowahahhaa :P And yea I will go see doctor if I still am in Pain.

  11. Who else is going to fall down those evil stairs? :/

    Salamat! Rub some donkey knee’s oil on your tailbone, that’d help. :P