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I seem to have gone through a major mood swing from yesterday to today hehe it’s weird LOL! But oh well, I blame it on the fall from grace LOL!

I woke up sleepless because I actually was having pains flipping from side to side in bed. I mean if I wanted to switch sides I would actually wake up and flip and then go back to sleep. There goes my dream of becoming a stripper now :/

I used to have natural grace bending over :P Now when I bend over I have the grace of an 90 year old woman who’s had a hip replaced :P Oh well :/ Here I am watching “Deal or No Deal” on LBC and laughing my head off as the guy opens up the big boxes LOL poor baby! But it kind of is funny, I wonder how would my umm luck turn out there? :P

Oh yes I remember, the next Toastmasters meeting will be on the 1st of May, same place same time (7:30-9:30) and I would like to mention that if you’re there early enough you could at least have a few minutes to breathe and stuff, and say hello :P Next meeting, I will be the one doing the “Table Topics” which is the segment where you get up and do impromptu speaking, about a topic I assign you. Don’t worry it’ll be a cool segment! Cause I am working on the topics as we speak.

Notice the swing? Started with a weird mood and ended talking excitedly about something :P I guess it’s because I’m thinking about high school all over again LOL Oh well!

Now it’s time for me to rest and stuff, yes my tush hurts like hell, but I won’t want to go to the doctor cause I hate them! No offense 7tenths and Dr. Lost :P

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  1. I guess it?€™s because I?€™m thinking about high school all over again LOL Oh well!

  2. explain that part!!

  3. Salamt Jackie :(

    as for the swingy mood, I had my share of it this morning! (tuesday)
    and it feels awful!! because I rarely go through it

    now sustain the best mood you can be in, and pray for me :)

  4. I do that all the about something and end with something else. It’s weird ’cause I cannot stop doing it. Does that make me moody? Hmm I wonder. lol

  5. Its a wednesday! Be happy! weekend is here! I got work tommorow, but its only a half day and Im getting some work done so it aint too bad! I hope you feel better asap!

  6. I think it’s something in the water. I woke up all cranky today. Work sucks.

  7. you’ll always be a stripper to meeeeeeee


    and yes…. something is in the water!

    I’m in a fucking shitty moood!

  8. Neo, Well what I meant is that I was thinking back about some high school memories and my mood went from bored to thoughtful to others :P

    iDip, Alla Esalmek, I hope that your mood will get better soon, mine is improving and deproving as we speak :P

    N.A., well I think that I am moody, but I’m not sure if you are :P

    Marzouq, Yea not to worry I’ll feel better :P

    Mini R, Yes I blame the water.

    Ananyah, Yay! I’m your stripper girl yay! Woooohoooo, but hopefully your mood will be better soon.

  9. So’s your tush better now? :) hehehe…

  10. thoughtful is nice…hope u feel better..i’ve been down myself for quite a while

    Nice post man
    It’s really funny
    I guess u don’t need 7tenth, dr.lost or any of those losers
    u’ll just need a pain killer or any sleeping tablet
    salamat o matshof shr :)

  12. walla i found out the trick to enjoying ur time bil kuwait…….ANTI-DEPRESENTS!! (talk about me being happy:P)

  13. None taken :) It’s not like I look forward to examining your ‘tush’ anyway :P As for sleping dilemmas, just thank God you don’t sleep in a modified fetal position like me & wake up with the worst neck pain ever!!

  14. tell zizo the retard that u r a female not a male..

    secondly, none taken, its not like i like the dr’s i work with either ;p

    thirdly: u need a massage.. and yeah pain killers not a bad idea..

    fourthly: i LOVE impromptus!!!!!!! i wanna come!! PWEEEEEEEZ ???

  15. hmmm its been over 3 days since you last posted.. and being the creature of habit that you are, i find it worrying that theres no new post from you
    anyways hope all’s well,, matshofeen shar 7abooba