I Am Nobody

April 25, 2006  |  Random

“I am nobody, who are you?
Are you nobody too?
Then there’s a pair, Don’t tell
They’ll banish us you know
How dreary to be somebody
How public like a frog
To tell the name-a livelong day
To an admiring bog.”

— Emily Dickenson

I am nobody, and if you are nobody, and if they are nobody, do you think then nobody is who we all are? Do you think that this Earth is roaming with nobodys? I believe so, I believe we are all nobody’s trapped in aimless bodies wandering through life.

So here I am, standing up to the phrase “I am nobody, who are you?” Believing it with all my heart, and seizing it with all my soul.

Yet I can’t help myself from pondering whether a nobody has a soul or not? We are occupying vessels called “bodies” and these “bodies” each require a soul to live. Or do they? These are strong thoughts, too strong for even myself. I believe that I should quiet down, I should keep this all inside, the weird thoughts, the absurdness of it all. Yes, yes I believe I should.

So, Shhhhhh, I am nobody and you are nobody too, let us hide away before we’re banished.

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  1. Ananyah, yes maybe I am :/

  2. nobody’s perfect. i am nobody, therefore i’m perfect ;p

  3. You will be nobody once am done with you

  4. I have endless ego, I make up for most of the nobodys out there.

  5. What?!?!
    I didn’t get the idea (as usual), but i think I’m somebody who wants to understand it
    I’ll read it 100 times again… I might come with something new ;p

  6. Dear Jackie,

    I am somebody.. and somebody cares for me. I may not be perfect… but i make a difference in many people’s life.

    Jackie, I think you are quiet sad.. and it may comfort you to think that the rest of the world is a useless crowd of nobodies wondering aimlessly.

    You are allowed to have your opinion… but that does not make it true. I hope you feel better… and I hope you that you will search your soul and find want you want to do in life and who you want to be in 5 years. Maybe then… you will stop feeling like a nobody.

    your buddy,


  7. Swair, You wish you could be perfect, but I see the flaws baby.

    K, True. I couldn’t agree more.

    ZiZoTime, Well its my new attempt at approaching posts, I believe Misguided has got me figured out in this.

    Misguided, I believe what Emily Dickenson was trying to say by claiming that she is a “Nobody” is that a person enjoys a sense of freedom once he defines himself as a nobody and that somebodies are always in the spotlight and seen, so in order to get a sense of yourself and such, admitting you are a nobody is not a bad thing, instead it allows you to be free. I want to be a nobody, I want to live in my existance with no interferences from life or anyone else. But yes I believe I am quiet sad. It’s a mood I’ve been in for the past few I don’t know days.

  8. It is good to feel this way sometimes. It’s ok to mope and be introspective and thoughtful. It means you are sensitive and alive. It can always be a learning experience and it definitely makes you more empathetic to the suffering of others.

  9. Finally someone who is a poetry fanatic as me and Emily Dickinson is my favourite just wrote a whole post about her.
    so often i have felt i am a nobody too but sometimes i feel it is a good thing.

    I love your blog it is great