Going from a Size 04 to 06

May 18, 2006  |  Blog News

Thinking back on how to write this post, how to come to describe the two years of blogging that I went through! Nothing sounded better than the phrase “Going from a size 04 to 06”, since in reality that’s what happened once I started blogging! I used to be a 04! And I was happy then :/ Apparently I need to cut back on the Pepsi’s and Coca Cola’s in order to get back into a 04. So let’s begin the examination.

May 17th, 2004: “Screwed in Wong Town :P” Of course, that post was written on Jaggie.Blogspot.com and reading that post right now, shows me that I am still maintaining a somewhat similar format to what I used to write back then. The first post on this blog chronicled my daily life, this is and will always be a personal blog. Nothing other than personal stuff, stuff reflecting me will be on it. Yet I found that I excelled in a new writing style, no longer using the “Arabic-English” that is so popular between the kids and oldies now a days. (You might however notice now that when you’re reading the “Published by” part under the post title that it says this post was published 6 years and 5 months ago. God knows how it came to that calculation!)

I began in the normal way, on Blogger.com, using the Black Minima Template that many love, or Purgatory adored so much. It’s a shame I can’t find a screen shot of that template, but I did find the Blue one I used for a while, and afterwards I’ll show you the image that Purgatory ADORED and still adores so much!


New In Blogger.jpg

And this my dear friends is the picture that Purgatory ADORES!




Of course it was much smaller but this is the full image, and I thought that he might enjoy seeing it.

So what’s next? Well I don’t know how but I got hit with the template fever, the urge to change every once in a while or basically every month, and the beginning was with the following template, in which I joined Rampurple, in the love and admiration of the color purple, since in fact it is my favorite color. You know what, I miss the old Rampurple blog, the first one that I adored, I remember that I spent a lot of hours reading through her archives and learning more about her. I so enjoyed it! Anywho, I changed templates and I only wish that I stayed with this one for a while, instead I changed much too quickly, but here goes:





But the fever was too consuming, and I soon became too obsessed with templates, I remember my next template though, however, I stuck with that design for a while, and only decided to change bits and pieces here and there, such as colors and headers only. It was the easiest to change of course. So intially it started out as this:




But soon, Gigi held a contest and I won it basically! So what happened? Well I won a graphic, the JACKIE graphic that most of you know, and for those who don’t then let me share it with you. With that graphic, I became obsessed with changing to reflect ME! And so I used this graphic:




But sooner or later, I decided that I needed my own domain, and the obsession with Ducks began! And with that came the endless templates, where I welcomed you into my “Lair”, my “Love Boat”, my “Cafe” and many many more! But a few of those were the following two:







The obssesion with ducks didn’t stop until early this year or late last year I forgot, but still I am sitting here and reflecting the tales I shared, I can’t mention them all, but someday someone might enjoy leafing through my Archives and reading more and more about me! My trip to the States, my fabulous tales about Duckie’s kidnappers, my weird daily life events, and many more entertained some readers while others read on out of curiousity only.

The official day of the switch to WordPress took place a few days before my 1st year anniversary! And it began with the blue template, to share with you the banner I chose to put up: I have an image of it:


Unfortunately I do not have screenshots of the WordPress templates, and I am weary and not feeling up to the challenge to just upload them and screenshot but as many of you know, there was the Blue template, then came the Treehouse Template, and afterwards was the series in which my little sister designed me the headers, from “Jackie’s Cater 2 U” to “Jacqui vs. Jackie” which all of you are seeing lately.

What’s next well I am not sure, But I am glad that I went through all of this! I am glad that I am reading my thoughts from when I was in my late 2nd year of college till the day I graduated. I suppose this is supposed to chronicle the two years, the way I progressed, but I think that the evaluation of me can be put on your shoulders you know. You tell me, did you see a change in me after the two years of blogging. Did you see me grow up or grow up? :P

I began blogging on the 17th of May 2004, when I was a mere size 04, and I am still blogging on 17th of May 2006 when I am a size 06. I faced ups and downs, happy and sad days, excited and non-excited days. I went through many things. I believe that this is the first project that I stick to in all of my 22 existing years. I have never been able to follow through with anything I begin however with this blog, I remained dedicated and faithful although I started off with a rough start, you know giving up on it. But the promise of gaining a Gmail account in June or July when I found out that daily bloggers would get an invite led me to regain the passion to write.

I discovered myeslf in writing, and I hope that someday I will collect every post written in this blog and turn it into a book for myself, a book in which I get to see the real development of Jackie, of how I became the person I am and will be tomorrow.

So, without further ado, I give you Jackie: The Years 2004-2006: The Wooden Years (Don’t go there please!) Hope to see you next year on the 17th of May 2007!


P.S. Thank you to all of my blogger-friends, friends, and family who supported me all those years, who read what I wrote, who responded when I needed advice, who were practically good shoulders to lean on. I would list them but the list would go on forever, so let me just say this, to all those who commented before and will comment now, I love you so very much. Without you there would be no Jackie, and no freaky person :P Lots of situations erupted before, but seemed to cool down, I am just glad that I survived two years with only one threat of quitting blogging :P Unlike Ehem*Rampurple*Ehem :P

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  1. trying to go from a size 6 to a size 4 huh.. LOL what about us size 16 people huh:( you hurt my feelings *sigh*

    hope to see your blog thriving for many more years to come :)

  2. So the conclusion is? You’re a size 05? I have no idea what templates and your size has to do with each other. Maybe I need to finish my morning coffee and re-read your post again..lol..

    Hope this blog gets inducted in the future’s Bloggers’ Hall of Fame one day ;)

    You know, I was watching Smallville last night and for some reason the character in the show named “Chloe” reminds me so much of your character on here. Don’t ask why, watch Smallville or ask your friends to watch and ask them if they remind them of you or not lol…it’s weird :P

  3. beautiful memories :)
    now im obssed wityh templates and can’t figuer out how on earth i can do what i want with them html is screwing my mind

  4. So… you’re saying you don’t like me anymore?? :O

    Jacqui you have changed. It is obvious from your writings. You have matured and mellowed.
    It is an amazing treat to watch how a persons mind and life changes before your eyes.

    I just hope you’re happy and that you will always remain so.

  5. Good job fitting my name twice, but you forgot me approving your templates!

  6. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn she is really hot :P

  7. Extinct Dodo, of course when I say 6 to 4 that’s the US Sizes and not the UK, in UK I went from an 8 to a 10 so yeah there :P And I thank you for your warm wishes :P

    Mini R, Well I am a Size 6 US right now, hehe and the connection is :P 2004 = “04” and 2006= “06” Equals sizes if you think you can connect that. And therefore the evolution of my blog can be defined with the templates that I changed into throughout the years.

    Judy, Honey you’ll remain obsessed and its going to be kind of hard to find one thing to stick to, I love change and prefer change!

    Rampurple, I love you, but I prefer your old posts :P They were like twice a day or so, you used to write. Hehehe but I still like you now. And yes I realize I have changed, and so have you in your posts, your subject matter has shifted I believe and stuff like that :P And you’re much more relaxed and calmer now! And I hope you’ll always be around, we should quit together don’t you think? :P

    Purgatory, Hehehehe I forgot to mention it! But yes the blue one was approved by you and Shosho

  8. i just read the last sentence in this post … i didnt notice it before.

    i feel like i have to make some things clear

    my first personal blog: rampurple : days go by was too personal and was not created for everyone i know to read…. or anyone in kuwait to read for that matter. i had to delete it and remove it in order to continue surviving in kuwait.

    so why do u guys keep relating to me as a blog quitter. i am not.

    crippled rampurple… i said so in the first post, will only remain as long as i am crippled and at home and thats what i did.

    once people forgot the rampurple in days go by i returned with the evolotion continues.

    a lot of u might not like what i have to write about since my posts are now about what and how i think and what interests me… instead of what i am doing during my days. i personally prefer this blog more than the old one…. and i am glad i stopped in between in order seperate the present me from the previous me.

  9. I remember when i first started reading Jacqui’s blog … it was soooo long ago … *sighs* it feels like yesterday … and i still remember how sometimes the only things u used to go and on about were books :S

  10. Rampurple, See I didn’t mean it that way, I was just reflecting on how in the past two years I’ve seen lots of bloggers start writing and then quitting for one reason or another. Although I adored your previous blog Days go By, I still enjoy reading you now. The things I missed about the old one was the fact that you were like a Mini-Mark in progress :P I mean before I started reading your brother’s blog it was always your blog who had something or another that was interesting. I.e. I remember this one time you had those Mp3 Players that you wear around the neck and all. But I still like you as the person I’ve come to know through her writing, whether its the old or the new. I enjoy it. So keep up and don’t think it’s me attacking because I never meant it that way :)

    Fractal, Yes it seems like it was yesterday I started blogging ugh :/ I remember it even, sitting in my bed in the dark with my laptop on, reading a friends blog and saying “What the hey, I think I’ll start one.” And God do I miss those days talking about the books, that was all of last year :P