Say Good Night Gracie

May 19, 2006  |  Uncategorized


I have just two words to say about the finale of Will & Grace. The Series Finale!

Tear Jerker

Nothing else, not a word, not a sound, not a breath more. I am just glad it ended the way it began, it brought us closure, it made me cry, I teared up in the beginning and in the end of the episode. And I just want to thank the stars of the show, Eric McCormick, Debra Messing, Megan Mullaly, and Sean Hayes! I thank them for the wonderful eight years of the show that brought me laughter when I was down, that made me laugh until I cry. Nothing to me compares to this shows beauty. Karen’s drunk sense of humor and comments towards Grace still keep me laughing, Jack’s stupidness and obsession with any walking man is what we know Jack for, Will’s shoulder for Grace to lean on, Grace’s unusually large appetite, and of course the way those four actors worked together to bring those characters into life.

I can’t imagine myself going back to start downloading next Fall without a new Will & Grace show to watch. It’s an important show for me, it’s what always keeps me afloat. If I were to choose which I preferred most? Friends or Will & Grace, I would simply say Will & Grace. Thank God my Gina got me the first 6 seasons of Will & Grace on DVD and now they will continue to live in my memory and life and not go away.

You can get the DVD of the Series Finale off of Amazon soon, and I hope that whoever chooses to start watching this show, will get to love it as I have grown to love it unconditionally.

Will: Say Good Night Gracie

Grace: Good Night Gracie (smiling into the phone)

— Will & Grace, Season 1, Pilot

P.S. I had to dry some tears before writing this post, I got over emotional towards the end of the episode.

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  1. Seems to be an interesting show ;p

  2. awwwww.. *hugs Jackie*

    we should have our own show :p “Swair & Jackie”

  3. I love Karen.

  4. ZizoTime, It is interesting, it’s first seasons are the hottest of them all, however it went through a down stage at one time but has ended back on its feet. Gosh I’m going to miss it :(

    Swair, LOL! So who will you be? Gay and Sensible or Ditzy and Straight? Hehehe In other words Will or Grace?

    Moe, I adore Karen, but Karen circa Seasons 1-4 were her best work, later on it was pretty much sunny days and rainy days.

  5. SwAiR: “we should have our own show :p ?€?Swair & Jackie?€??”

    E7EM!!!! What about me???? It should be like, “Swair, Jackie and Sou”

  6. Sou we need a fourth person :P But it’s a shame we need at least 2 guys and 2 girls or 3 guys and 3 girls :P

    Actually The real show consists of Jack & Karen & Roario and Will & Grace :P

  7. neither :p i’m an un-drunk Karen! Me MEAN!

    me luffs Karen.. but ham ba3ad i’m ditzy..

    no wait, you’re Karen.. ur an evul person :p

    ok, how about our show is about Two Karens :D


  8. Hey Jacqui *hugs* How’s it going? Missed ya! Thanks for the devastating news about Will&Grace ending :P Take care chica, Laters!

  9. ok u always talked abt that show but i never felt inclined to see it hehe BUT i am so sorry for your loss hun i hope u fine another show to obsess abt hehe and can i be in ur “jackie,swair and sou” show, i want to only be like worshipped for an episode or so, maybe the pilot hmm i dunno…luv ya

  10. Swair, I’m the original Karen no one takes my place. Ugh but I am also Gracie. I am cuckooo like her. Hehe oh well.

    D’n’G, ITS BEEN A WHILE! OMG I MISSED YOU! Everything is crazy what’s going with you?

    Princess, No I am the one who will be worshipped, sorry no worshiping for u.

  11. aawwww I know how u feel!! I cant believe so many good shows are ending. I wasnt a huge fan, but karen made me laugh! I hope you find something to fill the void!! :)