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May 25, 2006  |  Uncategorized

My mental stability is on shakey grounds but at least yesterday evening I had a semi-time of my life. Ow my head. My head is seriously hurting me, right now I need to sleep I believe and I believe that I will do that in a short bit after writing this.

So why do I think that or why did I become better after yesterday evening. Well my sisters invited me to my old school’s annual talent show, a show where you see some talent and some no talent hehe. Or in my words a dancing and singing show. Since most of them only danced or sang, I mean can’t someone perform a skit or something. Anywho, the key features of last night were this one chick belly dancing (yes I am shocked as well that it got passed through, but don’t worry Shakira doesn’t have a competitor yet), and then there was the usual sappy songs that were sung, so cliche but oh well. I mean seriously, they sang “Hero” and “I want to spend my lifetime loving you” and “Aicha”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Hehehe the list goes on and on hehehe because the number of cliche songs were high up in the sky, there was though two or maybe four dance acts that were cool.

*Sigh* My Chocolate Boys, I mean R and M were amazing, although they are like 15 years old, but they rocked a nice dance sequence or thing in which some started to breakdance to it. And later on R danced to the song 4 Minutes by Avant and M danced and bared a little 6 pack to Usher’s song U Got it Bad. Sigh Sigh. Then there was this chick and guy who did a Mike Jackson dance from his video clip or song Smooth, and it was good but still nothing like some ab baring routine. There was also these two chicks who did a ballet dance to Feel Good by Gorillas and that was great seriously. I congratulate them all.

It was quite an evening however what made my day wasn’t the talent on the stage, nor the bare butt-cracks and tic tacs in shirts that were all around me, I mean seriously you invested in some designer jeans, the least you can do is purchase some underwear to wear underneath but noooo, you have to wear your jeans commando and you have to chose a short top which rides up while ur jeans rides down baring a little plumbers crack here and there. It’s the guy in the row behind me who made the most hilarious remarks, that made my day.

Examples of those remarks were, when announcing the duet, he referred to it as “do it” and kept on repeating the mantra and then translated it to arabic, now that was fun! And then there were the comments here and there I am not sure if I remember them all, but oh well. Hehehe it was fun, so to that one person I would like to say “I LOVE YOU!” Hehehe and the yelling and screaming that I released that day was ugh so much! Hehehe I had to find a thing to channel out my recent frustrations but oh well.

Things have been rocky for me but they are sort of straightening out. The good news though is that I just got my reservations for my August travelling month. Going to the States to see baby girl, and so I’m glad about that.

Now I feel that I am too exhausted so I guess I should go upstairs and sleep, I haven’t had my nap all day long! Ugh. Anywho, I luff you all, well not everyone, but still that’s good enough right?

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  1. My darling, and you didnt want to go…? You see at least it cheered you up huh…such an interesting day! I never knew my school “our” school would permit some baring body erm showing some heheh you get what i’m saying….that was mind bottling :)..and you could mention their names like they’d have a blog :) M and R yes you likie M cause of the six pack….;)

    Anywhoo that boy that made the comments, darling i get a kick out of his remarks in class, he sits besides me and i never get bored seriously just if you ever go near him be sure not to be drinking anything or else you’ll snort it out or eat as well you’d choke….Yes I’m gonna tell him you Lovie’s Him…well in truth you loved his remarks but tomato tomaato….no difference

    Now you, younger sis and me saw the most share of this happening, revealing the butt cracks… let’s just say that sitting in the third row had its fair share of ups and downs….yes downs was we saw so many chick’s down and darling dearest thats the hit of the day showing it and baring your latest tatoo… god save our generation…i was speechless but not quite really i told you all about it in our ear to ear conversations during the show ;)

    wooooow my comment is lasting too long….anywhooo i enjoyed the day and glad that you did as well….how about next year you me and heheh insert here whomever you like show them our talent *blushes*….there all hidden….come to think of it i think yesterday we had the most talent…on stage was nothing compared to what we had *wink wink*

    and didnt you think the red shirt guy was charming…handsome and tried tooo hard to be funny ;)

  2. I think his comment is longer then your post!! hehehe!! I thought it just doubled in length!!

    Well girl I hope you feel better soon!!! Inshalla thinks will unfold in the right way! And hopefully you can do something in between, at least its better then staying at home. Trying to kill some time! Just look forward to the summer! Go to a million movies and enjoy yourself!

    There is a silver lining in every cloud! :)

  3. u forgot to mention that u missed me lots :p and that u kept calling to keep me company and update me :D

    glad u had fun, babe, and i hope u have lots of fun in the US (even though u’d be missing my birthday on the 12th of august :p) :D

  4. Salamat Jackie

    Get well soon

  5. Hmmm… if I didn’t know better I’d say you had a hangover. Seriously though, get well soon sweetie! *hugs* Matshoofeen shar! I’m glad you had fun at the talent(less) show :) Ta’3yeer jaw, right? Chin up, bunny! Later!

  6. Hiiii … i always thought u were being melodramic about this, it appears that it wasn’t :s .. i am bad at this … Well wow i hope you get better soon :) and i am really glad that it took you some butt cracks, a belly dancer, and wise ass remarks to make you feel better :) .. Hope you get out of dis sooooooooon sweets. *smoochie*


  1. Cheb Mami