July 14, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Shhh I’m working on the template, colors have never been my favorite part of modifying :/ All those codes and you not knowing what the colors are. Lord it’s going to take a while.

Brace yourselves for some major ka-boom!

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  1. good luck and go for pastels.Don’t use ORANGE please because it’s so PASEE

  2. my eeeeeeyes!!!

    shino hathaaaa!!!

    Jackie, its toooo faqi3!!

  3. Purgatory, Shush

    Chai 7aleeb, Thanks I’m keeping towards Blues :P

    Extinct-Dodo, it’s nice though I’m testing out the colors of the background though

  4. i lubb it wala! its amaaazing

  5. its too bright!

  6. Wow! Interesting color! I like it!