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[Update]: I have decided to give the main areas a soft blue instead of the white to lower the brightness of the template, that way you guys get to see it without hurting your corneas. At least I think that’s what they are called.

And here it is, my new theme in all its glory. I know that many of you will complain that it’s too bright and all that but I’ve brought it a bit darker from its initial stage. I also put in alot of hard work into it. I hate modifying color codes and chosing colors :r But in the end, I have transformed something utterly ugly (sorry to the theme creator himself) and into something BEAUTIFUL!

It is called “Paradise Lost”, this is my adaptation of the idea of a lost Paradise, a place where beauty and lots of nice things exist. I even lost my gift of creative writing LOL! It’s been ages but oh well. Before I leave to gather your beautiful opinions I’d like to point out I removed the “Top Commentators” plugin, since its pointless for now, I am going to remove all the links from the sidebar and create a links page since that is the most beautiful and easier choice to do rather than clutter my sidebar, and I will bring back my Live Archives soon. I also want to point out that you should all create a Gravatar account and create your own icon so that it can show up once you comment on my blog, I have placed a default Gravatar icon for those who have none but you should create an account.

And now here are the before and after pictures.





And this shows you basically all the work I put into it, I would like to of course thank Sis #4 for her work on the header, and the fact that it’s bright is because of her :P Don’t blame me okay?

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  1. I am blinded by the light!

  2. And I got number three only by dimming my screen to look at your blog! hehehehe! cool colors!

  3. Marzouq, But it is boootyful! I love it, I think a way to tame it down is to change the white into something more darker a bit :p

    Papillona, Brrrr :P

  4. good job :D

    ed3eelii that i will learn inshalla :p

  5. Ooooh wow
    very soothing.
    Love the me last year link :>

  6. I kinda like it. I think your old, dark template was taken over by Jackie…but now, we finally got to see the true looks of Jacqui :)

  7. It is missing something, what is it ? hmm let me remember, oh Yeah, where is the yellow rubber duckie?

  8. I love the color green but I think this teal blue is better than the flourecent green!


  10. NEeed Rubber DUCKIE!

    and you didnt update your blog list!!! hehehe!

  11. A cold theme is the perfect way to enjoy a sizzling summer.

    (One day my ego will grow so large it’ll take over the world. And all will rue the day it happens.)

  12. Sister no4 needs to get in line! You can be my fourth in command! Cause you wont be ruling anything! I might give you Failakah! LOL!

  13. babes its sizzling cool and i feel as if i’m sitting on the beach admiring the sky and the shore that lapses together…stick with this theme i am loving it…and congrats to my beautiful young sis no4 she out did herself this time..with the header ;) i love u

  14. Yay!!! *dance* really nice, and like papillona said, its cold but soo wonderfull (y) hehe

  15. Laialy, Good luck with it all, it really is hard work hehehe and confusing and all that jazz ;p But oh well I have faith in you!

    DR, Cool thanks alot at least someone finds it much more soothing than the previous ones :P Hehehe I hoped it would be viewed that way ;p And I had that Me a Year Ago link for quite a while now :P

    Ananyah, Wohooo!

    Fallen Angel, I think you are confused, Jackie is the good girl :P Jacqui is the bad girl :P So there you go :P

    Don Veto, Duckie has been banished from the kingdom due to treasonous charges, Duckie tried to assasinate me in order to take over my precious Paradise!

    The Stallion, Yea the green hurt my eye so I had to work extra hard to fix it up :P

    Chai-7aleeb, I love you do you know that LOL! Hehehehe That was my aim, a nice summery feel to my blog I felt too depressed with the blacks :P

    Marzouq, Going to remove it and create a new thing, that’s my hopes because I find it takes alot of space in my blog. Really it does.

    Sis No 4, LOL Yay :P

    Marzouq, You go girl :P I mean guy!

  16. Marzouq- hahaha, no. You’ll be dead by the time I’m on top of the world. :] And that day, my dear, is soon. Very soon.

  17. p.s. – Jacqui, it’s voil?? no viola.

  18. :: cham takhthen to change my theme ? ;p

  19. I feel like am on the beach…Nice work

  20. I will deploy my team of Ninja Pengiuns to assasinate you this very moment!

  21. YBF, I lurve you too!

    Nonawz, It is cold isn’t it :P So nice and calming :P Hehehe thanks!

    Sis No4, I know but I didn’t feel like adding the accent thingy :P

    Frankom, Hmmmm for you :P 50$ :P Amazon Gift Certificate Please :P Hehehe kidding :P

    Orange Juice, Thanks :P

    Marzouq, assasinate my sister? That’s the worst thing ever, assasinate me instead!

  22. Loved it! Great job gurl! Yeah, it does have this soothing, “minty ” refreshing feeling.. :)