Hear, Speak, See No Evil!

July 26, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Did you know that at least 40 million people around the world suffer from AIDS?

ALDO Shoes and YouthAIDS have created a global campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight AIDS. This campaign features many big shot hollywood stars ranging from Ashley Judd, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Dave Navarro, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, to Brittany Murphy, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, and more. For $5 you can purchase an empowerment tag that have the writing “Hear No Evil”, “See No Evil”, and “Speak No Evil”. Proceeds of these purchases go to Youth AIDS to spread awareness about such a disease. [Link]
You might be wondering why I am mentioning this, but the simple reason for this bit of information is that it’s a good cause to support I believe, and my younger sister who is in Dubai at the moment, found the tags at Aldo, you can purchase those tags from any Aldo store in the world, well except the one in Kuwait. So I thought this would be nice to share with you guys. Something to let you know about.

Picture 8.png

I am getting the “Speak No Evil” which is quite cool. And check out Charlize Theron’s Ad for the Campaign.

Picture 9.png

She is so beautiful.

That’s all I guess from that front, in other news, the house is becoming cleaner, I am sort of supervising the help’s cleaning the entire place, we finished or they finished the basement scrubbing it clean and next is the ground floor’s remake. But it’s beautiful and PURGATORY YES I AM “RABBAT BAIT” Hehehehehe that’s like Mother Housekeeper :P Sort of. Anywho so yeah.

Took a lovely nap in the other living room, it’s been a while since we hung out here and you know what, I think we should do it more often, I left Desktop and have been using Powerbook all day today, and well since the Satellite ain’t connected here in this living room, I connected the DVD player and was watching Season 3 of Will & Grace and I watched Family Guy: Stewie Griffin’s Untold Story with Daddy LOL :P It was hilarious the second time around as well. I actually napped on that couch, just turned off the TV and lights and napped it was fun. I’m eating sunflower seeds like a parrot but that’s not a big problem is it?

I saw Sou Sou Sou! And I had fun today wis her :P Hehehe she’s so bootyful! Oh yeah a point that I thought I should stress LOL! Hehehe I was sleeping in the living room okay? I woke up and went to daddy who slept in the other living room, lol it’s like we’re homeless but anywho so I come back and look to the corner of the room and I find a COCKAROACH LYING DEAD ON HIS BACK. I swear I was like crap, I slept with a Cockaroach LOL! Hehehe so you see it cracked me up.

More news to report on later, as for now I leave you with umm, my new car stereo it looks so cool! ;P Gone the ugly Focus ;P


Oh look my foot is there LOL! Awww I never saw that, Track 17 is hmmm, I forgot what song it is but it’s before Stupid Girls and The Fray’s song not Over my head but another one I think Save a Life.

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  1. I’m super interested fi mawdou3 the tags, and i’m on MSN with you right now, so you’re going to tell me anyways :p hehehe

    And yes, I saw you too!! Well it’s because we decided to meet up (e7em at 10.30) but SOMEBODY was an hour late! lol….I had a super fantastic time and i was priveliged enough to ride Diabalito, aka Sizzle McSizzle aka Juju’s super red hot car!

    YOU SLEPT WITH A ROACH?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How’d you know it was a ‘he’?! :p Okay…mind drifting, tongue talking rubbish…Sou shall shush now :p

  2. hey jackie again,, i’m enjoying ur blog while sitting bel dawam and nothing to :/ i laughed when i saw ur car’s sterio it reminds me of mind, is ur car an Audi?? im an audi and i dont have the CD player so i do the same thing u did with the cassete adaptor or whatever it’s name and connect it to my sony mobile or mp3 o long time ago a CD player,, enjoy ur song and ur weekend :)

  3. Eeeeewwww a Roach? EeeeEewwww *throws up* LOOOOL!!!

    meh! i want the speak no evil and hear no evil… i’ve been seeing the ads in the mags … but never had the chance to check thier site…

    Bah! i want to go to the mall… BUT ITS HOOOT OUT THERE *cries*

  4. I too saw the ads, will check the site later…. ahem thing, el”roach”, after the cleaning woman!? :P


  5. Nice Stereo….. Pump up the Volume

  6. I wanna come and live with u.I wanna be homeless too:) U have to teach me how to break the sunflower seeds,i really suck in that area.

  7. Sou, We established different points of our conversation and as for how I know the roach was a he, come on all roaches are he’s :P Hehehe

    Dawn Q8, Welcome to my blog hehehe :P And yes my car is an Audi but its the new one hehehe yaaay ;p I love it and I use the cassette thingy for my ipod when I get bored of my CDS ;p

    Nonaw, The ads are cool, but I expected cooler tags :P Imagine if they had the original Monkey’s on it, you know a cooler illustration of the “Hear No Evil” “Speak” and “See” :/ Oh well :/

    Chikapappi, if you thought that one roach was something to freak out about hehehe before the cleaning there is this area in our living room that is like a major hole in the ceiling, it had a village of roaches but they were dead at some point LOL! Hehehe and so that’s nothing really! :P

    Fuzzy, Of course, there’s no way to listen to music other than by pumping it up!

    Dorieeeeee, Hehe breaking sunflower seeds is addictive, believe me once you start you can’t stop and 7ayach my bed is big enough for two :P

  8. LOL…It seems we have one mind. I recently made topics regarding Shakespeare?€™s plays and the AIDS tags. And Charlize…YUMMY

  9. hahahaha! The Kleenex box in the corner! And I bet you killed the cockroach just being their! LOOOOL! hehehe! Sometimes sleeping in the living room is fun because it isnt a full sleep, its just a light nap! U supervising! lool! I could imagine you standing behind them while they scrub and your holding your powerbook in one hand and type in the other! lool

  10. happy to join ur blog ;)

  11. awwwwwwwwwwww you were listening to my favorite song….you missed me ;) hehhee kiddin love you

  12. HIV Aids is a deadly disease that killls the the victim slowly but surely. Thus, to prevent Aids, effort requires more resources and more effective use of resources devoted to research, prevention, care and treatment for those infected with and affected by the disease.