Je suis fatigu??

July 28, 2006  |  Uncategorized

[Question at end of post that needs answering please]

Je suis tr??s tr??s fatigu?? . Seriously I am so tired and its because I messed up my sleep pattern. Well I thought I should at least attempt to write one thing or another at least, to appease the appetites of my fans (yea as if I’ve got any ;P) . Hehehe anywho, I’ve been spending every afternoon at grandma’s I believe she might be getting bored of me LOL! Hehehe I mean everyday for the past 5 days lunch at her place. But I guess this evens out since Wednesday morning I leave for USA! For an entire month.

KuKu the Kasko (Parrot) is cute but annoying as hell, yet I took a picture of him to show you the culprit to annoyances.


He is caged because he has been a bad boy, usually he’s given his space to roam around the place.

My little cousin Issa is so cute yet he’s the naughty one of the family, and he enjoys calling me “Maaanaaaa” Hehehe I love it when I hear him say that, but he is starting to hit me for the fun of it. You should see how cute he is with a Pringles box :P
I now have to make a decision on whether to get the Macbook or not this August, coz Uncle offered to take Powerbook off of my hands for a cute sum, 700$ or so and then I can add the rest and get a Macbook, I am only thinking of it because I realized I need a larger screen 12 inch ain’t cutting it anymore. But the heating issue is really making me reluctant.

So any suggestions?

Anywho, I’m going to sleep so see ya.

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  1. i dont know about the macbook, but even though my macbook pro heats up, its not as bad as people make it out to be. you just end up with sweaty palms, not burns and all that hooey thats been flying around.

    seriously, go for it

    by the way, what plane are you taking jaxx?! im leaving wednesday morning too!!

  2. Stick to the MacBook! Its 13inchs! and you will be happy with it! The bigger you go the more difficult it will be to move around! (talking about laptop! hehehe)

    The bird looks like he wants to bite your fingers off! And he is pissed off! And I see you like to be beaten by your baby cousin like a piniata! hahahaha! Nice!

  3. Extinct Dodo, I’m leaving on Kuwait Airways ;P With Pops hehehe 14 hours straight on a plane to NY then from there to Mizzou! Hehehe But yea I’m contemplating it really badly hehe because its like a dream for me :P

    Marzouq, You made me laugh out loud LOL! Hehehe seriously you did! Hehehe but yea I was thinking about that fact as well, thats my only concern is that 15incher is too large to carry around :/ But let’s see how things turn out. And Kasko wanted to bite my fingers, actually Grandma told me to be careful because he bites :/ But I didn’t care since as I was growing up back in the 90s well my late Grandmothers Kasko Fa6om actually bit my finger I believe, or so they tell me. As for Issa the naughty pest well yeah, you should see how he becomes when I stand next to him while he’s in his playpen and he just reaches out and smacks me in the stomache LOL!

  4. Me too, Im tired and my sleeping time got messed up but C’est la vie =P hehe

    *raise hands* ANA ANA ME ME, take meeeeeeee … i miss my friends there… and no one in my family want to take me!!!

    and i have no idea, but the macbook is cheap and look kewl =P

  5. Six reasons to get a MacBook:
    1. iSight
    2. Front Row
    3. Intel Processor
    4. High-res glossy 13.3″ screen
    5. Still at early stage of product cycle (although I’d wait till after the keynote)
    6. Would you say you could get a better offer than $700?

  6. i am thinking of getting a tablet :/

  7. We have a Kasko too. He delights in calling out my name in my dad’s voice and seeing me leave my room. Now I ignore my dad when he calls me because I usually think it’s the damn bird! Does your birdy speak?

    Have a wooooooooooooooonderful trip to the US. Spend it merrily and get all the goodies your heart desires ;) Please tell me you’ll be updating from there. I need my Jackie fix ;P

  8. Hello! The macbook pro seems great! I’m getting one soon, cuz illustrator is not talking to me anymore :) Are you going to get it from the states or Kuwait??

  9. oh, et allez mieux bientot

  10. Nonaw, But its cool ;P Even if our sleeping patterns are screwed up! And no I’m not taking you to USA :P I’m going with Popsy only :P Woohoo! Heheh

    3baid, You do bring forth great points but it still confuses me like hell hehehe but I would love to go for it.

    Laialy, Got one of those hehehe I’ve had it for 4 years :P

    Toomz, LOL! Hehehe yea our parrot talks too, he’s driving grandma nuts, imagine this he wakes her up by shouting “Yummaaaaaaaaa” or imitating a childs cry and she freaks out and gets up lol and then ends up fighting with him in the morning. Uncle wakes up and hears her talking to the bird and thinks we need to get rid of it because sooner or later she’ll get even more crazier LOL but I still love her :P She punishes him sometimes, locking him in the cage! And OF COURSE YOU’LL GET YOUR JACKIE FIX! Hehehe When did I ever let you down? :P

    May, Welcome to my blog, its cool to see new readers yay! Hehe and I was thinking of the Macbook not the Pro, since I prefer 13inchers, but I would be getting it from the States so yeah.

  11. hmmmm, mine is called ” KooKaa ” hehe

    actually for the past 40 years, my grandfather started this tradition, to have a Parrot at home called ” KooKaa” . the Current KooKaa is 4 years old fluent in Arabic and learning some English lol