No Arby’s

August 7, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Simple few liners to post before the day ends here, well it ended basically but still, we didn’t end up going out today. Fee got sick and we ended up staying in the apartment, and ordered lunch from Papa Johns Online, and for dinner they got me Burger King since I napped in the evening.

Some might argue that I am not using the time in the States to go out endlessly and such but I say, I’ve got an entire month to do all that, this week is dedicated to moving out of the apartment so tomorrow we get the new apartment, and we start moving the day after. But of course all this will happen after my dearest WWDC event. Noon time here is when the event starts, which is in less than 12 hours. Lots of cool rumors are out now hours before the Keynote. One of the most important ones is a Black Macbook in Glossy Finish like the White Macbook. Which means if this is truly introduced then its much better, since the Black Matte Finish is boring. Check out a prototype to the Black Macbook below, and check out the link to the article. Courtesy of Gizmodo of course.


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  1. the shiiny black one looks sexy ;)
    what is the WWDC event??

  2. Dawn Fairy, The WWDC is the World Wide Developers Convention I believe, it’s where Apple introduces their new gadgets and where I will find out if they are coming out with a new Macbook now or not yet.

  3. As if having to choose from a MBP, MB White or MB Black wasn’t hard enough! Now they’re gonna introduce a glossy black one! Fuckin hell!!!

  4. Glossy girl.. go for it!

  5. OT, Yea I know hehehehe it’s like WTH! Heehehehe I just can’t wait until this afternoon to figure out what’s going to be true and whwat’s not.

    Chikapappi, OF COURSE!

  6. Too much junk food.

  7. soulfuric fusion

    Hello! I stumbled on your blog a few hours ago. Didnt have enough time to read through a lot of what was written but I could tell straight off the bat that you were a Sag! Then it was confirmed in the “About Me” section :) I’m a Sag too and we tend to ramble on and on and on until we dont make sense to anyone, then we continue until we dont make sense to ourselves, realizing we’ve jumped into a whole different new category and then we come up with a conclusion to that thing we begin with, not knowing how we got there… am I making sense? :)

    Love the design of the site and the split personality approach.

    As for fast food… I started to watch Super Size Me, the documentary/movie. 20 mins into the movie… I vowed no junk food till the day I die. It made everything seem soooooo nasty!

    Oh and the latest in the revolutions of computers… the Macs are the daddys! Black is the one to go for. Sleek, sophisticated and very elegant, just like a Bentley. I could so buy one right now, if it wasnt for my “still broke, waiting for salary” situation :)
    (the Mac, not the car)

  8. The Matt Black one isnt too boring in opinion! ITS STEALTH! And thats what I like!

    And I agree with Purg.. you eating too much Junk food!

  9. Purg, What can I say hehe.

    Marzouq, Well make sure though you get the Invisible Shield if you’re getting one now, because it makes a difference, it won’t get scratched at all with the Invisible Sheild. And what can I say about the junk food :/ No one cooks here :P

  10. soulfuric fusion, Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier but thanks and welcome and I’m glad you recognized I’m a Sag, hehehe of course I understand what you were trying to say hehehehe it is true,, I don’t make sense to myself sometimes hehe. And let’s home you get your Macbook soon :)