Clean Much?

August 9, 2006  |  Trip 2006

One of the best mornings to wake up in, well not best, the reason it was the best is simply because I woke up later than usual and kind of slept a nice 8 hours or more. Let’s see I went to bed at 1-ish and I woke up at 10am, yeah that was great. Problem is, but keep this on the low down although I know Pops will read this, is that he snores badly and so I have to listen to my iPod in order to sleep :P But I still LOVE YOU DADDY :* Hehehehe

So yeah, woke up today, and headed out to Fee’s new apartment, we still have a few days left on this one, and so we’re taking our time moving out and such. Today was simply cleaning day and setting up the Cable Modem for me. I can honestly say that I have put in a good day’s worth of work. I really cleaned nicely and all that, we had the Clorox spray thingy to spray the furniture that came with the apartment, and the other Clorox thingy to disinfect everything basically. We also had the vaccum cleaner to vaccuum the entire place, although they said that they shampooed the rug, I swear I never saw a filthier rug in my entire life. Oh yeah and to top it all off there were SPIDER WEBS all around the place. In easy to reach places, I mean seriously doesn’t anybody clean anymore?

So after setting up the stuff and all that we got to cleaning and making the place sparkling clean, of course we couldn’t complete it and well actually we did finish the cleaning, however we made sure the dimwits got up there to shampoo the rug, apparently they ‘don’t move the furniture’ to clean underneath it. I mean beneath the couch seats alone we found pieces of pop corn and crap. And under the couch itself we found lots more junk. Behind the fridge, WHICH THEY SAID WAS PULLED OUT TO BE CLEANED BEHIND was FILLED WITH CRAP! So imagine all of that. So now that I mentioned all that, we stayed there from around Noon to 4:30pm and that was alot of time to stay there.

We missed out on lunch and breakfast really so we headed out for an late lunch/early dinner. We went to Outback Steakhouse. I don’t know what the hype is about that place, it’s not really that great or perhaps I didn’t choose right. But I still prefer Gaucho Grill in Kuwait over this. According to Fee though this isn’t the best place for steak, but instead Sophia’s is the best. Anywho, as I was eating the house salad, I kinda asked for Thousand Island dressing and when it came mixed into the salad, it brought back memories which I shared with Pops and Fee.

You see, back in the last 90’s, back when I was in 6th grade, my school had the best best best food canteen area or whatever lunch area. We had and I still remember this okay, we had a small shop which sold Fa6ayer called BrBr, Sultan Center, and Pizza Hut. I remembered specifically the days in which I treated myself to a nice healthy lunch, I used to grab me to Cheese Fa6ayer and a Green Salad from Sultan Center with Thousand Island Dressing and I used to mix it in and eat a bite from my Fa6ayer and grab a forkful of my Green Salad. God those were the days, I still remember how I used to sit in the courtyard and eat all that hehe :P I had high metabolism back then, didn’t gain even half a pound, instead if I ate too much I would lose weight hehe, talk about backwards Jacqui. But anywho, I was sharing the tales of my childhood with Pops and sis hehe and it was nice.

But to cut this short, I didn’t like the steak much, they used alot of pepper on it for seasoning and I am picky about the amount of pepper, I am also picky about the fact that it wasn’t as juicy as the steak I had in Kuwait or even the Steak Burger I had in NY.

Afterwards we hit Target again to buy a Raised Airbed for the extra room that Fee had, since they don’t supply single renters with two beds, just so that we can sleep on it and we were browsing through the stuff that were there as well. After that we hit Best Buy to check out the stuff there. Pops recently bought a customized HP Laptop. We ordered it this morning, it’s cool it’s got all the top of the line specifications for a great price, less than 2000$ and that’s great really. I’m hoping to get my Macbook sometime next week, I am thinking of getting the White 2.0ghz one with 512MB RAM (since I am going to be purchasing 2GB so why bother upgrading the ram when they’ll hit me with 2 512s or 2 256s), and I might bump up the hard drive to 100 or 120gb, I adore space and that way I can actually have my music library on both my desktop and Macbook.

So yeah, I know I must’ve ranted alot but it’s cool, I miss Grandma’s cooking, especially the ‘kousa & malfoof’ I forgot the english word for them but oh well.

I miss my sisters and mother, my girlies, and my twirlies, and my Jack bear :*

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  1. FIRST!!

    okay you made me crave for kousa and malfouf!!

  2. YOu order Rack of Lamb at Outback, the onion rings.

  3. Clorox… wow! This sets me up in the cleaning mode for tomorrow .. offf what a hassle!

    Malfouf, I love it!

  4. There was a law in the state I lived in where if you move in an apartment, it had to be clean and if it wasn’t then you can get profisionally cleaned and charge the owner.

  5. Well at least u didn’t find any living species behind the fridge or under the couches :P

  6. all that cleaning made you reminding me of Monica from friends hehehe.. i can smell the fresh air and the cleanser scents in the apartment.. well done jackie ..

  7. ur going to buy exactly my macbook.. good news for me, that way if i had trouble i know where to turn..

    which reminds me.. i’m having difficulty configuring the mac to the blue tooth intenet MTC connection :(
    will try

  8. hell I’m not a stalkers :P ….u know what I remember talking to ur dad and sis last year when she first moved to columbia …then I left to kuwait kan 3endena family emergency …we never had a chance to meet (ur sis and I )…long story short it’s a small world at of all places a bloger is in columbia…

  9. hahahaha! Its good that you got enough sleep! And at last your getting your macbook! I recommend more ram! but maybe its cheaper buying it online and installing it in kuwait then from the apple store or online!

    Any renting place with furniture in it already probably didnt clean the carpets or move anything like you found out! You have to force them and scream at them!

    Outback steakhouse sucks! and if you want to look for places which are good.. go to and put in your zip code and look for the best rated places! the website is really useful!

  10. did you find crap crap or just junk crap….;P

    anywhooo you know the only reason i looked forward to highschool when you girls were in it was becuz of the cafeteria but damn now its fugly and argh….doesnt have anything tasty except the saaj thingy….i want that chicken sandwich they made it was soooooo delicious when you guys would bring some after school ;P

    bring back those days :)

  11. i think i am thinking of gettin’ a mac,
    what do ya think?

  12. Aaahhhh, im off the chartsss!!!! LOL!!
    I Need to comment more and more!! =P

  13. ok i worked out that connection issue.

    here’s one -ve thing about my mac: speakers are poor. its good, but not GoOoOd :D

  14. u moved 2 the stauts!!!! goood luck sis and becareful!!

  15. Nonaw, I want my grandma’s kousa and malfouf.

    Purgatory, hopefully I’ll know that :/

    Chikapappi, Cleaning is back breaking work :/

    Shopa, the problem is that a company was supposed to have cleaned it :/ But urgh :/


    Dawn Fairy, Yea I guess I would be Monica hehe :P Hehehe I have a bit of them all in me ;P

    Vintage, Coool heheehe actually I’m bumping up the specs of mine but some of them are going to be done manually and not through Apple Store well except for the harddrive. But I don’t do the MTC thingy so I don’t know about it.

    Shaikhoona, Well glad to hear from you hehe, I never knew that although I asked my sister about you and she told me that yea you were here and stuff so hopefully we’ll arrange something :P How about that? Me meeting my fan ;P

    Marzouq, DUH OF COURSE MORE RAM! I already found 1GB Kingston RAM on NewEgg for 82$ and that’s like a great deal, I’ll just grab me two and install them myself, it’s not hard. And yea we’ll do that.

    DeeDee, We found both :/ Sigh you reminded me of more food hehe now I’m hungry again :/

    Laialy, Go for it! It’s amazing and the best experience ever!

    Nonawz, Well you changed the way you wrote your nickname hence you’re off, unless you want me to remove the ‘z’ and get you back in it :P

    Vintage, well if you’re in your room alone and nothing is on in the background then the sound is decent enough but otherwise yeah it doesn’t have very loud speakers.

    Wilted Roze, I didn’t move to the States but my sis is moving out of an apartment and into another and I am here visiting but thanks anyways.

  16. ….well here comes nothing
    my number is 5*******…give me a call and I’ll take u to my fav. steak house here in town ;)

  17. wow!! i didnt know that !!
    lol!! okay okay i changed it =P put me back up, to the combtetion!!

  18. Awww, hard working Juju!!

    I’m so tired now wallah! I want to sleep!

    I miss you soooo much :'(

  19. Off Topic: A special suprise awaits you in my blog Jackie. Sorry, if you have seen it yet. ^_^

  20. Shaikhoona, Cool thanks and I will give you a call. Hopefully and we’ll get together sometime ;P Actually I just gave you a call and woohoo you sounded cool ;P

    Nonaw, Done you’re back up there ;P

    Sou, Hehehe yea I know hehe I lurve you

    Fallen Angel, Hehehehe yaaaaay!

  21. LOL Nonaw Hehehehe I love the cute girly gravatar icon :P

  22. How’s manual labor treating you? hehehehehe! Did you lift the couch or the fridge? hehehe!

  23. hehehehehehehehe u mean alllllll this FUzzzz and ur in Kuwait hehehehe

    goood luck