I Want Kabab

August 12, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I really am craving some traditional Arabic food, or whatever its called like I want some Kabab-ji or Kabab El 7eja, you know food that stuffs you. It’s sad that I want to lose the weight but I love eating, I can’t help it really, I love food, I enjoy it.

I thought I should write up something since they left me alone in the new apartment stating that they were getting the rest of the stuff since we’re spending the night here. But it’s been a few hours already and that’s sad really the fact that they ditched me God knows where they are!

So today is basically final day of moving stuff, because we’ve got the major stuff out, I set up the wireless and Cable as well and stuff, and I love that. We need to hook Fee up with a Wireless card for her desktop because we’re not wiring her to anything anymore, she’ll have a cute thing now a room that’s her office + a guest airbed, a bedroom, and a living room. And so her office + guest room will be where she stores her junk basically and that’s cool. But enough about that.

I don’t like Apple, I don’t like the rumors that are floating around that next month will be the month that they release newly vamped Macbook + Macbook Pro with the new Core 2 Duo chips. And that makes me feel that I should re-think the purchase plan ? But I don’t want to because I am dying for a new Macbook, I want the sleek white look :/ I want the larger screen! I mean think of it 1280×800 Screen Resolution in comparison to my current 1024×768! I mean think of how I can abuse the screen that way :/ Urgh if only I can get a sign that’ll tell me whether I should go ahead and get the current Macbook or wait it out :/

But I guess that’s it for today, other than the fact that I lunched on Subway, I don’t know what my dinner will be since its 9pm and they haven’t come back. I think they forgot me? Don’t you agree?

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  1. Nah, i know they didnt =P
    wait, maybe they did!!
    lol! jk. okay i think you should get revenge, like order something really delicious!! and when they come back. give them nothing :P Bwahahaha (6) … nah! dont do it =P

    wow! i think imma wait till i see the new laptops! then deside!
    and im craving subway at 5:30am!! ahhh!! hehehe ..

  2. ahhh maskeena7; were you sleeping when they left or something or maybe your rite they just ditched you :P..no hard feelings.

    ermmmm kabab whats up with you a few days ago its kusa and malfuf and today its kabab your missing the thursday family gatherings arent u….

    its prob from all the junk food ur eating ;P

  3. and by the way your not getting fat; your a skinny girl…just need to do some sit ups and push ups and all the ups to get your tummy flat you karsha girl ;P

  4. Im craving kabab il 7ija now! :

  5. Allah e3eenich

    i just came back from the apple store …

    i had made up my mind and i was going to get the MacBook BUT now you have me thinking again :/

  6. Damn u and subway! all the time! hehehe! But yeah the macbook thing does get annoying after a while! why do they keep changing stuff, and saying different things! It drives people nuts! Maybe they want that!

  7. Oh yeah.. my Kabab-Ji is getting to you isnt it! hehehe!

  8. Kabab Al 7eja rules, you can turn it into diet food if you just eat the Kabab and don’t touch the freshly made delicious bread. You got me hungry, is it possible to have Kabab for breakfast?

  9. Jacqui!!!! Ur supposedly my Mac advisor and u didn’t inform me that there are rumors floating!!! How would u feel if I had gotten the MacBook only to find out a new one is going to be released next month!! Haaaaa?! lol

  10. is that book “scandal in spring” the book neece has been dying to read? i say once your done ship it off so she can chill down :P

  11. go for the macbook. i don’t think u should wait that long, and just think like this: u will miss the next one for the one after it. which by now u know it will definitely not take that long (jan.).

    i stumbled upon excellent assisting posts that i thought might be of interest to you. that is itha u didnt come to it yet.. :)


    i’ll be taking longer time reading those. o shaklich inti u will be speed rocket :D mashalla..

    jacqui, guess what gadget i bought after the macbook?

    … Nitendo Ds lite, and that is only because i was so impressed by mind scientific american latest article: brain age game.
    so i bought the game: usa, and the nintendo.. first off, he told me my brain age is 61 years old.

    and i thought i was smart :( i have to practice thru it and see how young i can get.

    ** becoming stuck on ur blog for techie feed **

  12. Kabab El 7eja ? LOL :)

    I assume you would take Xinical after that!

  13. stop talking about food i’m on a diet :/

  14. First of all, GIRL! You talk about food a lot! N’ i thought ana elwa7eeda elly like this! *mashallah* :P

    Just buy the thing… don’t put off your decision, akeid more stuff will be out later bas it sounds like you want it badly…

    Vintage: “Nitendo Ds lite”, http://chikapappi.com/2006/07/05/oh-technology/#comments – 3beid’s review helped – I have a PSP and been questioning which’s best … GO FOR IT!

  15. Food and Mac, food and Mac, food and Mac, food and Mac!!! Someone’s obsessed it seems :P

  16. shway shway 3al jacquie ya jima3a, her two obsessions are legal ;p

  17. Do Fedx deliver food from kuwait to the US? i would send kebab el 7ejah for ya …
    LOL! but the plane would smell like kebab and they would be suspicious about the kebab being a small bomb! lol!!
    wow!! that wasn’t funny at all!! well, i had to write it anyways!!
    Nah, jks jks hehehe

  18. Allaaaaaaah!! Abeeeeee =/

  19. I’m waiting for the mac book pro, cuz they’re changing the spec soon, I keep thinking that if I buy anything now, I’ll think if only I’d waited.. :)

    ps. If you really want to lose weight, you have to lose the carbs! No bread, no hommous, no rice, no kabab thats stuffed with bread, and worst of all.. no pastaaaa :”((((

  20. Khalas just get it! You know your going to love it!

  21. Awwwww honey.I’ll bring u kabab.I promise:*

  22. I’m kinda lost here…cant find ur email
    anyways gimme a call…