Thunder Thunder

August 14, 2006  |  Trip 2006

So it’s not even raining yet but there is a loud bunch of thunder outside and therefore I hope hope hope that today, Monday morning will witness some rain. Okay I’m crying from laughing so hard right now, I just sneezed okay, so I said “Bless Me” and then I answered myself “Thank you” that made the day for the entire 3 of us. What the hell does entire 3 of us mean, bah well I guess this is the problem when its like 2:30am or so here.

Summary of yesterday? Woke up at noon, spent a few hours awake and then went to old apartment to vaccum and clean up a bit. An hour later we grabbed Subway, I got “Cheese Steak Sandwich” and headed back to new apartment and ate. We wasted some time until Daddy came back and at 5pm we decided to head out to Target and got some new bedding and bathroom mats and such. Then we headed to Burger King for some dinner and we later headed back home where we did some small work, well basically Fee did some stuff and Pops perhaps all I did was shift the bed from one wall to another and helped put the sheets on. And well the only thing I did was fix Fee’s cheap 300$ desktop, which by the way i AMD Sempron LOL! I mean its so boring and lame that I hate it, but I made it come out great, I uninstalled alot of the software that comes with it and hooked her up with everything else and I’m teaching her how to use Torrents. Yaay!

And right now I decided to actually write a post up because I thought if I didn’t chronicle this day then I would miss out on some nice memories made today, especially the Sneezing segment.

Oh GOD NO! NO NO NO NO NO! I am extremely annoyed by the Frappacino from Starbucks ad on TV, the song is stuck in my head, I was even humming it in Target. Oh yeah and I saw Mr and Mrs Smith again on HBO. Tomorrow will be movies day or better yet today. And the day after, Tuesday, I’m meeting with Shaikhoona along with the other Arab girls here in Columbia.

Okay my bum is asleep, time for me to sign off. Adieu!

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  1. Beware of other arab girls, they like to gossip, so make sure you and your sister have the same story.

  2. Bless YOU lol
    Cheese Steak again ehhh!? and then BK! I’m glad ur only there for a month, cuz if u were to live there, we’d have “Supersize Me: Part II” hehe…

  3. oh my god, why do u have to mention food?!?!

    if i was writing a post, i’d go “so we cleaned the aparment from the saleman’s guts and blood with pure bottled Evian water and then went out to lunch”

    SEE, i’d say LUNCH, not details like color, texture and later bathroom outcomes and its texture, smell and color then :p

    ok, sorry for grossing some of u out, i just had to say something ;p

  4. Purgatory, yea we’re sure and we’re straight about our stories :P Not that we have any stories to tell!

    Chikapappi, if there ever was a time I wasn’t sure about whether I had a multiple personality I believe I am sure now.

    OT, Yea I know hehehe I’m eating lots of junk and healthy at the same time LOL! But believe me when I say that I am not heavy.

    Swair, You’re the milky cow, why do you have to go hatin on me like this :P Hehehe as I mentioned before and due to the fact you haven’t commented alot recently, I am making this my Travel + Food diary so that I know what I eat everyday ;P hehehe helps refresh my memory :P Cow Face :P (Note: Wink ;))

  5. dudette, i’m not called the Milky Cow of Knowledge for my face, ya ba6a, it’s for my KNOWLEDGE..

    and i don’t think keeping a diary that keeps reminding u that ur eating a whole lotta cake and BK will help u when u keep wondering how u got fat :p

    STOP EATING FATTENING THINGS, TRY MORE VEGGIES :p (don’t ever say i didn’t tell u :p)

  6. Swair, I ate veggies once here and they (fee and dad) were like what is wrong with you, why are you eating vegetables! And see that’s what I get when I eat healthy! :/ But I still wanna catalog my food, so I know what to order next time :P

  7. lol once doesn’t count :p

    but i guess now u have it recorded that ur dad and fee made u fat, so don’t blame me if u listen to what ppl say to determine what u eat.. sij ba6a ;p

  8. Jacqui, no response? I’m enjoying this discussion hehehe :D

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Now thats weird!! saying bless me and thank you … okay! seriously! hehehehhe

    why! Whyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! i have to crave something if i read your blog, eh???? like now im craving Cheese Steak Sandwich From that restaurant .. i forgot the name … but im sooo craving for it …!! hehe

  10. Subway???
    I’m still craving the Chocolate Fudge Cake from Cheesecake Factory!! I’ve been craving it for the past couple of days now!!! Jacqui, if I had the power, I’d feed u Brussel Sprouts and Cabbage for the next 2 weeks, while we eat McD’s, BK, Arby’s, CPK, Cheesecake Factory and all that in front of u :P muwahahaha

  11. hehehe you were up late i fell asleep soon after chatting with ya :)

  12. Which movie you gonna be watching? Cant wait to see some movies! hehehehe! I hope you enjoy your frappacino! loool!

    Why did you get your sister a mac if you didnt like the AMD! loool!

  13. “Bless u” juju.hehehehhe.That was funny 7abeeeeebti intay:*

  14. Even a small detail makes a difference, just make sure she has not claimed to be some princess who has tons of money.

  15. hay gerly!!! ah ya 7mara!!! takleen cheeskake factory!!!! im sooo jelous. i love that place. bss may5alif, 3laych bil 3afia :) looks like your having a gr8 tym there. i just came back from my uncles shalle. I GOT SUN BURNED!!! I do not need to get any darker. anyways the fam is going back today and i of course have to be draged along with them. except this time im gana come back as a burned up shish kabab! :/
    Congrats on the new electronic gismos u got. i like the ipod one (whatever it was called). i wish i was in to comps as much as u. what can i say, i like the old fashion face to face thing. to me the comp is a thing to use 4 research and other work things. BUT i miss u so much so here i am!! this is a big step 4 me. Hey u know what i need? the book: how to use computers 4 dummies. HAHA. anyways hun i hope u have a great tym. ill check on ya when i get back. stay safe and stop talking about getting fat with swair. both of u got nice bods. Anyways u r suposed to pigout on vacation NOT watch watch wat u EAT!!! thats a LAW!!! i know its written somewhere. (i just do know where) ;D HAHA!! well tootles sexy mama.

  16. hehehehe nice, maynoona mo shay yideed, and im glad ur having fun, just please dnt eat up the whole states and then complain to us abt ur tiny little grapefruit, or baby or whatever it is that u called ur tummy, love u , miss u yalla come back home 3ashan we go out, my treat ba3ad hehehhehe

  17. I’m late in responding to alot of the comments :/

    Swair, you’re a cow :P

    OT, so now you’re following up on our fights :P

    Nonaw, I should start an addiction company or whatever getting people addicted to what I like shouldn’t be hard ;P

    OT, I actually love cabbage if you didn’t know that hehe but when its made into malfouf hehehe and therefore I dont mind.

    Laialy, but that means you dreamt of me :P YAY!

    Marzouq, I dont do coffee hehe so i can’t do fraps hehe and I mentioned name of movie before :P We got her ibook first and then the amd sempron, an emachine pc basically ;p

    Dorie, I live to make you laugh :P

    Purgs, of course of course :P

    Kalikabokiiiii, I love you girl hehehehe I miss you ehhehe and I agree to what you’re stating that we shouldn’t watch what we eat because basically we live only once so enjoy enjoy enjoy hehe :p You have fun okay ;P

    Princess, I love being maynoona hehe and yay hehe I won’t complain don’t worry I am complain free for now :P Hehehe and my baby says hello :P