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August 15, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Okay, I didn’t post anything soon because I got in quite late and I was tired and all of that jazz, but the jist of the story and day is that it was a nice short day or so, since I slept at 6am that morning I woke up at 3pm but I hate how the sun was shining on my face, if anything can stumble me awake its the sun, it happened today as well, it’s quite early now at 10am! Anywho, we woke up and headed out to Mediacom to return the modem and cancel the old cable connection since new apartment comes with mediacom already. Afterwards we headed to Ace to get something that daddy wanted to fix something in the apartment, it’s nice having a daddy who fixes things.


Sorry to have shrunk the pictures but oh well, afterwards we were heading to the mall to feed ourselves and on the way I noticed a nice store or place that might insight some happy thoughts :P So here goes:


Jacks Coronado Restaurant, hehe but I won’t eat at it I don’t know it doesn’t sound that that cool ;P Anywhooo so we headed to the mall and I had Sbarros!


I had the Baked Ziti with Chicken and Tomato and Cucumber Salad and a Pepsi (HAH Swair THAT’S ESPECIALLY FOR YOU :P)

We shopped a little, not really but we headed to Target (again) and got the toilet seat cover and all that jazz and then we went to Kinkos to fax something and then hmm we went to Lowe’s to browse for some wood for daddy to fix into a cover up for the kitchen sink to expand the space. I hate how I have become addicted to HGTV and TLC watching Home Makeover shows! :/


I thought the rugs were interesting well I was browsing through them anyways for no obvious reason ;P Afterwards we headed back to our apartment at 8pm just so that we change and prepare for our 9:20 movie “Step Up”


The sky looked beautiful in it’s sunset and so I had to take a semi-picture of i thehe from the sunroof ;P But anywho afterwards we hit the movies and I saw “Step Up”.


The movie was nice, it wasn’t like block buster movie or anything but it was nice, I liked the dancing and the music in it was AMAZING, I’m so going to download it once it’s available! It was cheesy but still I liked it.

As for today, lots of stuff are planned but most of all meeting up with a few girls at Everret’s Restaurant and Lounge. I hope I’m going to like it :P

That’s it for me today, Adieu.

Oh yeah and one reason why I love Dashboard and Widgets, is a widget called “AlbumArt” All I have to do is play a song in iTunes and press F12 for the Dashboard to come up and the album art is being acquired from iTunes, I select “Add to all songs on Album” and VIOLA! It’s done! Example is as follows:





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  1. I love Ace Hardware there are so many cool tools, and things to use! I want a real ace no like the one here! U love Sobarro dont you!

    I bet your enjoying the blazing internet speed! hehehe! Im probably going to watch that movie too!

  2. slut, stop listening to cheers darling without me! it’s against tradition, against my beliefs!!! woman!! :p

  3. so thats how you replaced me :(

  4. aahhhh, i wanna see the movie .. it looks totally nice! well .. the picture shows it =P .. hehe

  5. and yeah, rememeber that time when you uploaded Cheers darling? … now i blame you coz i got addicted!! lol .. nah, jks jks hehe.

  6. What happend in the meeting with the arab girls?

  7. i just heard over the news .. saying something about laptops battery over heating .. and they said something about Apple laptops .. and some laptops cought fire … you be carefull, okay?!

  8. Sbarro!!! Kinko’s!!! I miss the US :( *Banging head against the wall for finishing college in 4 years* I should’ve taken my time!!! *Sigh*

  9. u just love the phrase “all that jazz”, don’t u? :p

    and i bet your body thanks you for eating chicken and a salad ;p

  10. Marzouq, Hehehe you think I love the hi speed internet and all that jazz here hehe :P It’s so much fun! Well internet life hehe not the rural life here ;P

    Neece, KAIFI!

    Laialy, Yes yes yes yes yes yes!

    Nonaw, Its cute but not that amazing you know ehehe and well I like to pass on my addictions to people.

    Purgatory, Tell you later.

    Nonaw, I know I heard that before but I am careful hon :) Don’t worry.

    OT, Hehehe Yes you should’ve, I didn’t take my time since I was in Kuwait but if I was here I would take my time :P Depending on where I was living :P

    Swair, I love it and my body loves me :P