I Can Cook

August 16, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Not really, I can’t cook but I just microwaved me some buttered corn ;P And so I think that I can cook ;P Hehehe oh well, I’m just so exhausted, it was a long long day filled with lots of stuff.

First off, I woke up at 9am when I slept around 4-ish :/ I woke Fee and Daddy but they decided to sleep off a bit and I took a shower (a bit too much sharing? I don’t think so hehe) anywho afterwards they woke up and took turns since its a 1 bathroom apartment and I did my hair ;P Yay I love having straight hair. But anywho we got ready and headed out to meet a few other Arabs here in Columbia.

We visited the bank first to change the billing address and such and then we went to Everett’s to have lunch with Shaikhona and her mom, S and her mom (Fee’s Friend), and this other Mother and Daughter combo who lived here. Basically we were 4 Kuwaiti’s, 2 Saudi’s, and 2 Iraqi’s , so we were basically 3 neighboring countries there. We had alot of fun and chatted up a storm. I had fun :) Nice meeting you all.

Afterwards we headed out to S’s place to chill for a bit and we spent a few hours at home playing with heir nephew S who happened to be so cute he reminded me of Hassan hehehe, he was so naughty he kept calling me “Budda Ant” (Butter Ant) in his lovely accent hehe. But that didn’t stop it for us, we went out afterwards with S and her mom and shopped for a bit but we didn’t buy anything. It was lots of fun and Dad spent the time with the Saudi guys, I think he had alot of fun.

S is so fun, I love her hehehe she’s so great and I am glad to leave my sister with such good friends S, N, and F hehe the Quadruplets :P And I am convinced not to cut my hair I guess it’s nicer long, so I think I want to put in extentions :P Hehehe just kidding really.

So I am beat right now and I believe I’ll head out to bed. I am enjoying my time off and so is everyone here I guess ;P It’s fun but in a different kind of way.

Gotta go switch the placement of my airbed. Ciao

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  1. hahaha I remember aerobeds back in the US when we used to all sleep at one of the guys’ houses!!! It wasn’t too comfy, but still the whole experience was lots of fun :D
    The best thing about ur vacation is that ur keeping urself busy all the time! It’s such a waste when ur on vacation and u barely actually go out and do anything…

  2. I used aerobeds for camping! lol! sometimes its good, and sometimes it isnt! hehehe! And no you cant cook! U need to try cooking for your sister! thats what needs to happen!

  3. butter ant? aha :p

  4. I beg to differ, she can cook. Eggs! Oh and once you made us cake. Before, back when you were young. In your teenage years. Y’know! :p

  5. i disagree you cannot cook maybe once you made a great oatmel thingy but nope you’ve lost your touch babes…btw you totally lost me in the third paragraph your quiet descriptive with names huh i had no clue how many people you met until you said the actual number…i guess that’s what i get reading what is swimming ur brains…anywhoo sweets “sweet dreams”…

  6. oops not oatmeal i meant omlet…i thing its a drastic difference nywhoo :)

  7. OT, Actually this aerobed is quite nice I enjoy the feeling of sleeping on air hehe :P It’s so nice hehe and keeping myself busy is tiring you know being a lazy bum that I am hehe ;P

    Marzouq, I can cook, I used to cook hehe but I don’t cook now and well hehehe no need to try out foods on my sister, I feel an urge to try Tacobell but I’m afraid :P

    Swair, Yea Buddaaa Aunt :P

    Neece, What’s this I hear? :P You making fun of me? Really? Really? :P

    YBF, Yea and lets not forget the Macaroni salad that I love hehe :P Oh well let’s see this year I might shock you all off :P

  8. U and the damn fast food! when is it enough! khalaaasss!! beesss! ma asaaar! hehehe!