Patience is NOT a Virtue

August 17, 2006  |  Trip 2006

I can never be patient, it’s hard for me to be patient but then again sometimes the odds are that I have to be patient. What’s killing me right now that is bringing this idea into my head that I’m not patient, well the fact that I still want the Macbook so much, and now more than ever but I will wait, I have to wait, and guess what if I do, and if I start saving up I can get it from my own cash instead of making Papa get it for me, because that way it’ll be sort of the first thing I purchase in my own cash, but wait I have my Car’s monthly installments coming up LOL! :/ Crap hehe need to apply to jobs. Got a few places in mind, but let me go back to my initial topic, my patience.

Something that is so beautiful in the new Macbooks is the fact that Boot Camp has been updated and now Windows XP supports iSight and you can actually use the Windows XP Version of MSN Messenger to video chat with the other Windowsers. But for those of you who hate the fact of installing Windows on your lovely Mac, which I happen to be one of them, regardless of the fact that 90% of the programs are Windows but I mean its a Mac. There is a new program coming out soon for Mac Intel called “CrossOver Mac” and it simply does the following: “Our flagship Macintosh desktop productivity tool. Intended for Intel Mac OS X machines, CrossOver Mac will allow Mac users to run their favorite Windows applications seamlessly on their Mac. No Windows Operating System license required; CrossOver is a complete replacement for your Windows OS as far as your applications are concerned.” [Excerpt taken from original site linked in the name above]. So what its saying is that all you do is install this application and afterwards you can install any windows program and it’ll run nicely and smoothly.

Isn’t Apple so beautiful? Don’t make war, Love the Apple.

Woke up early today but was tired and went back to bed after waking up the others really and they went out and came back to pick me up. We went to the DMV and I got me a State ID for no reason whatsoever but just for the fact that my sister was getting one and I might as well have one you know. However she didn’t get one because she needs more documents, I however don’t need anymore documents at all, only Passport and Social Security Card and that’s it ;P My birth certificate helped though.


Afterwards we got lost trying to find the Social Security Administration to get the letter for my sister and well we decided to eat lunch at Pizza Hut, however I find that I enjoy Kuwait’s Pizza Hut to this one, it’s really plain and no fancy selections as we have back home. Waitress was a dumb blonde who messed up everything but eventually we made out with a free pasta dish which she messed up. Daddy ordered the pasta dish with chicken she brought one without chicken over, and he pointed that to her, she’s like oh sorry and she’s like lemme see if i can get chicken to add to it, and then she comes back saying her manager says you can eat this while you want for the new one since they’ll do a new one and we were like cancel it. Instead she comes out 10-15 mins later and says it’s on its way and we’re like no we said cancel it. And eventually manager comes back out and says that he’s sorry and we took it off the bill but please take it home to enjoy it since they would be throwing it out either way.

Headed over to the mall, had fun browsing through stuff, then went over to Walmart and got me a dozen Glazed Doughnuts from Krispy Kremes since that’s my breakfast. And afterwards Pops and Fee wanted Chinese food which they got, we went home and ate dinner and watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Sounds kind of boring day right? Well yes although tomorrow we’ve got a long day ahead of us and most of it won’t be in Columbia, Gotta wear comfy flip flops :/

P.S. I love food that’s why I mention it alot, I love gadgets and that’s why I mention them alot as well.

P.P.S. Thanks to S’s mom (Fee’s friend’s mother) she cooked us a traditional Arabic dinner, consisting of Scrambled Eggs, Cheeses, Black and Green Olives, Gaimar (Cream), bread, and TEA! YES I DRANK TEA YESTERDAY INSTEAD OF COKE! FOR DINNER! It was delicious and I loved every bit of it, brought back memories of when Grandma used to make me such breakfast :P

P.P.P.S. This is my actual State ID or Non Driver License.


Don’t I look pretty? I’m too hot for you hehehe.

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  1. There’s also a popular program called Parallels that lets you switch OS without having to reboot. Some reviews claim that it’s more practical than Bootcamp.

  2. almost two weeks since i bought the macbook, i did not yet feel the urge to install the bootcamp. which is totally surprizing me, i am new to mac after all! corssovermac might just be the answer when i want to install some engineering software for work.

  3. Yah you are impatient

  4. I’m suffering from the same thing!! I want the Macbook but I’m being patient waiting for an update!!! ahhhhhhhh :(

  5. when has ur finger changed …no thats not ur hand…that an imposter…but the id picture is totally you…;***

  6. Dudette … your beauty never stops amazing me.. your simply gorgeous .. how did u manage to get sooo pretty.. you should stop otherwise your gonna get a drop dead gorgeous ticket:P

    And well it is an established fact that you girl eat alot Pizza Hut … Donuts … Chinese food back to back.. how do you manage??

    And Cross over was just the thing i needed to finally convince me to get a mac .. once i can afford it i am gonna buy it ..

  7. impatience by the way is the worst best friend u can ever have.

  8. Talk about being impatient!

    Yeah, bas some lipstick would’ve been great for the photo, you look pale :P

  9. OMG I MISSSSSSSSS WALMART Loolz even though in the west its for pooor middle classss ppl to shop at I usually got 2 get junk fooood!!!

    yup they hire the blonds fooooor the blondi look hehehehe!!

    did u TIP HER????

  10. 3baid, I know but they need to update it with the new iSight Drivers to allow i-Sight to work and that’s what I would install instead of Bootcamp.

    Vintage, But it’s lovely right? The mac experience is amazing right?

    Purgatory, I always am impatient.

    OT, In a few days you’ll hear that I have succumbed and bought a Macbook.

    YBF, Of course it’s me hehe ;P Who did you think it was?

    Fractal, I didn’t have the chinese food, I had only Pizza and pasta and that was it. Hehehe and go for the Mac.

    Bloo, You think? :P

    Chikapappi, I know hehehe I needed some blush as well ;P

    Wilted-Roze, Well yea but we tipped her the minimum tip, nothing extra really because she didn’t do her job right :/

  11. A state ID helps a lot with stuff inside the states, but the other problem is that now they have your information! hehehe! Since your doing all this I would apply for a US credit card if I were you! It would be very useful, and you can build your credit rating.

    I think Im going to wait for Leopard to come out, then Im going to pick up the mac book, since my laptop is limping along! hehehe