What I Miss About Home

August 21, 2006  |  Trip 2006

What I miss about Kuwait? Really there are many things but here they are in listed form:

  1. I miss Grandma :*
  2. I miss my sisters and mother (Lulu the most though, sorry #4 and Dee)
  3. I miss my Aunt and Uncles and my naughty cousins.
  4. I miss talking to my friends on the phone (Sou, Swair, Nuttie, Princess, Dorie, Fantasia, Kalikaboki, Lily)
  5. I miss my BED!
  6. I miss my CAR!
  7. I miss eating Arabic food, I think I am cured about the Fastfood phase now.
  8. I miss sleeping in all day and waking up to doing basically nothing but sitting on my computer and watching stale old tv shows.
  9. I miss my imaginary friend. (Yes I do have an imaginary friend and he’s hot)
  10. But most of all I miss Jack my Bear. (See he’s still waiting for me on my bed)

And finally yesterday’s update well nothing happened except we went out for lunch and then back home and finalized the apartment, well semi-finalized, just doing knick-knacks here and there. Fee starts school tomorrow, and we headed over to Staples and got the girls and her their supplies and that was it.

Now I’m getting ready to sleep and so I bid you Good Night.

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  1. Yalla u’ll be back in Kuwait soon enough… Hmmm “Jack my Bear” is a code name for ur guy, or is it literally ur teddy bear? lol

  2. and I miss having a comment counter that works! fix it!

  3. :) That’s sweet girl.. enshallah you’ll be back soon o safe

  4. i miss just hanging out and doing NOTHING

  5. omggggggggggg u didnt even mention me?! thats it.. 5alas you’re outta the twirlie gang!

  6. don’t miss ur imaginary friend, he can be with you anytime ;)

  7. OT, No Jack is really my bear, and my two little naughty cousins :P My Jack Bears :P Hehehehe

    Purgatory, the problem now is that you are commenting with a 72 at the end so you’ve changed, don’t change anything and you’ll update well :P

    Chikapappi, Inshalla hopefully.

    Laialy, See I totally agree!

    Ananyah, I said talking on the phone :/ We don’t talk on the phone much instead its on MSN :P But I still love you ;p

    Dawn Fairy, He gets me into trouble all the time, he has a tail and ears as well :/

  8. Your imaginary friend didnt travel with you? ..
    bah .. next time take him =P
    hehehe jks jks

  9. How about meeeeeeeeeeeeee .. don’t you miss meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. i thought u said he’s hot!
    tails and ears ?:/

  11. Imaginary friend didn’t join u, ehhh?! Seems like someone else convinced him to ditch u and become her new imaginary friend in Kuwait instead :P

  12. Enjoy your time there! U should go to the movies! Watch everything! Seriously! hehehe

  13. Oh yeah.. remember to buy all the dvds you want and all the other little gadgets you want!

  14. i miss u too COME BACK!!!

  15. Nonaw, I can’t take imaginary devils on a trip where I am supposed to be a good girl :r

    Fractal, No :P

    Dawn Fairy, Did you meet Lucifer? That’s him.

    OT, Not really I have to be a good girl now :P I can’t have a bad friend :P

    Marzouq, Hehehe well I don’t buy dvds really but I’ll find stuff and if I do I won’t miss out the chance to get them :P

    Princess, I miss you too :)