I Want Corn

August 26, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Okay actually I’m going to make me some corn in a bit, but I thought I should like perhaps write something here. Today was a weird day well it passed by quickly I guess. I woke up late that might be the reason. It was raining today and so I thought why bother waking up right? Well anywho so I woke up and spoke to Lilo and Mom and that was it I guess hehehe Lilo is being naughty hehe, Fee woke me up and annoyed me and I didn’t really feel like waking up. I don’t feel like elaborating today but the jist of it is that we went out to Kohl’s and I found a few nice stuff but we spent like around 2-3 hours there because FEE thought that she might get her “Dining” table some accessories and her ever famous “Elephant”. Anywho I was getting hungry since earlier today I didn’t have breakfast, I didn’t feel like eating seriously I don’t know why I just don’t feel like eating.


So after finalizing the shopping experience we headed over to Sophia’s, the most expensive and fanciest restaurant in all of Columbia! You wanna know how fancy? It’s so fancy that it’s the first time I saw TWO RANGE ROVERS, NEW RANGE ROVERS parked there, AND A MERCEDES CLS! I mean this is Columbia, this is like a college town, this is in the middle of nowhere and to find those cars its like WOW! Hehehe so yeah ;P I had a steak there and I liked it, it tasted really nice I had the “Brandy Cream Fillet” but I didn’t have any Brandy in it, trust me I made sure of it, and I had fun eating it, it was a great choice, Daddy had the Shrimp Pasta thing called “Lemon Shrimp Marinara” and Fee had the “Mediterranean Chicken Pasta” and I sampled a bit of each. Oh yeah and I adore great “Olive Oil” and since our waitress brought out some bread and olive oil I had fun munching on that.

After that we went over to “Old Navy” and I got me some cute PJ’s they are really nice and afterwards we went to “Michaels” which is basically a place to get like hobby art or whatever you know knick knacks here and there and I got me a few things from there. And that was it. Now I want to go microwave me some corn, and I want to eat and sleep because tomorrow is a really big day.

I have 4 full days left of time in Columbia, early Wednesday Morning, 2PM Kuwait Time we’ll be heading out on a two hour drive to St. Louis, then a 3 hour flight to New York, then from there we’ll get a flight back home, and I will come home on the 31st a Thursday. So stuff to fit in the schedule is visit a few stores in Columbia Mall, go to Village Books, go to St. Louis, and I guess that’s it, oh yeah and the last day Tuesday night I wanna hit Walmart and Target to check if two of the books that I want came out. And that’s all for me tonight.

Watching some HGTV and other channels, not bad.

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  1. Almost done with the US!! I wouldn’t wanna leave if I were u…
    Is New York simply a stopover or are u gonna go into the city at all?! U really should walk around for a few hours if u’ve got the time :)

  2. books!! reading is so old school :p

  3. So far all you do is eat, shop, eat, shop, eat, shop!

  4. shop shop shooooop .. shop till you drop!!
    LOL .. im not kidding .. SHOP ’em Out!!

  5. Hmmm ..Purgatory .. you forgot sleep and tv .. so its eat, shop , sleep, tv, sleep, shop, eat …
    WHICH IS FUN!!! WooooooHoooooooo!!!
    Now thats a vacation =P
    hehe jks jks

  6. Yay! You’re coming back sooon! Howa dah el kalam el sa7 ;)

  7. Woooooohoooooooo Jacqui is comin back … she is comin back…

    Mmmmmmm … Steak i wuv steak …

    You never mentioned if your going to visit the apple store in NY or not :P .. do u have time for that?

  8. awww thats great, i was a little confused as to whether u wanted to eat or not! DID U OR DID U NOT FEEL LIKE EATING?? and i miss u so much and i want u back here but also i want u to stay there and enjoy it all :( confused min galb anyhoo my duckie have fun and i love u

  9. omg and range rovers!!! uhh i love them hehehe

  10. 1. OT, I only have like 4 hours in NY and therefore I can’t walk around, I will be in the Airport the whole time, and hopefully Immigration won’t give dad a hard time this time.

    2. Laialy, I’m old school :P

    3. Purgatory, And all you do is WHINE WHINE WHINE!

    4. Nonaw, I shopped and I am down to 26$ in my wallet LOL!

    5. Look above.

    6. Sou, did you think I’d abandon Kuwait?

    7. Fractal, No I don’t have time for that, I am so excited to be coming back though.

    8. Eve, Thanks I allowed this advertisment but no more :)

    9. Princess, I didn’t feel like eating but I ate anyways and I miss you more and I love you babes :* Hehehe and yea I know that you love ranges :P

    10. Look above.