Running Out

August 27, 2006  |  Trip 2006

Running out of time left to be here, it’s cool and uncool at the same time, I miss alot of things about Kuwait but I also will miss some things about the States, our next 3 days are going to be hectic, we have basically 3 full days left and a day and a half of travelling until we’re back home. I just realized lately that little Lilo (my sister) is starting school on Saturday and that makes me feel all like “Awwww my baby is going to school” and therefore yeah.

We headed out to St. Louis today and instead of going to Galleria mall, we headed to a new one and I splurged on getting some accessories to go with some of the stuff I bought, I still have some other stuff that I want to get and I will get them hopefully. I think I want to upload some pictures Fee took of me a long while back, LOL! She was doing a Paparrazi thing with the Digital Camera and it was funny hehe :P But oh well! Yea I was coming out of Subway with 3 Subs hehe so imagine that.

I can’t find Jeans that are as hot as my Blue London Jeans from Victoria’s Secret and so I believe I might order me a new pair online but in a different shade or something like that. Pumas are still on my list so tomorrow I might break down and get them OR I wait until I get home and order the ones I want from the Internet, hey why don’t you help me decide:

The two online that I loved are the following:


Choice #1


Choice #2

And the available choices:


Choice #3


Choice #4

So, I pick one of the two that are available or the ones that are online available only? I know they are all comfortable since they are basically almost same design.

P.S. We had thunderstorms yesterday but not too severe ones, I mean I slept listening to the thunder and seeing the lightning through the window. Now it’s time for me to hit the sack, adieu!

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  1. I would go with Choice #1 (Red/Black) or #3 (Black/White)
    Have fun shopping ;)

  2. wow! The Green ONe #2!!!!! is HaaaWwwT!! .. i didnt like the Red one .. hmm …

    i like choice #4 … #3 is nice too .. aahhhh … i love puma!!!

  3. Check out the mighty ones:

    Im Sooo In Lovvveee!!

  4. hmm i like the second one, i hate the black ones, and the red ones r too red!! so i say the 2nd one is nice

  5. awww first day she’ll be sooo out of it as it is not her daily routine to wake up like the roosters and get ready ;)

    as for the shoes; we have different taste in shoes that is i disliked each and everyone of them but if i was forced to choose i would say choice #2!!!

    3 days till :P

  6. red red red.. definately red.. :)

    and can u link aw post a pic of them jeans? im kinda stranded these days with all my jeans being -aaheeemmmmmm- tight on me :

  7. Choice 4 cause its hot.

    PS. Next time you put choices, put them above. Not all of us are genius like you ;]

  8. Red one offcourse….
    It is soooooooooo shexayyyyy

  9. My friend’s got #3, and they look cool…The all look nice, so just go, “eeny, meeny….” hehehe

    Miss ya bella :*

  10. i’ve read in ur father’s post that he is preparing ur apartment or so ? does that mean ur gonna study there? i thought u already done

  11. looooooooooooooool

    i own #4 :D

  12. 1. OT, Thanks for your suggestions I loved the Red & Black, I dont know maybe I’ll go for all 3 hehehe and leave one out who knows.

    2. Nonaw, I love Puma as well, I already have a Nike but we’ll see which choices I’ll end up picking.

    3. Look above.

    4. K, I’m more in love with #2 than the rest ;P

    5. Roba, Thanks :P

    6. Princess, yea but then again all are hot :P

    7. YBF, You guys will share the shoes anyways and you know it :/

    8. Jiji, Yea red are hot and I might end up with 3 colors who knows, and the link well its on hehehe and just browse the jeans, I own the “Ultra Sexy Jeans in Stretch” they’re hot.

    9. Neece, Bite me.

    10. Fractal, Red will match my Audi :P

    11. Sou, LOL Yea or go ALL OF THEM PLEASE!

    12. Bloo, I am done with university it’s my sister who is here.

    13. Laialy, LOL I was about to get #3 but decided against it.

  13. Hey!… I own number 2, they are brown and pink, not green as someone mentioned… Got them in Leb some months ago. They are cool…. you should get choice 2 ;)