Too Depressed

September 7, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’m just too sad and depressed, I don’t care about my spelling or grammar or whatever right now. I tried opening my Powerbook after waiting for a few hours to do so and no longer do I boot in Single User Mode, instead it’s stuck on the Apple page and that’s it. I bought a 300GB Maxtor HD to back up everything so as I do a clean install and all that and no use. I can’t figure out a way to back it up. I am so freakishly depressed! I don’t even feel like putting up a nice front to anyone. Urgh this sucks.

Last weeks update before I forget is as follows:

Saturday – Dropped girls off at school (1st day) and Lilo went to school and it was cute and I dropped her off personally and they all thought she was my daughter but I fixed that when I picked her up and she was great she didn’t cry and all that jazz. Afterwards was the ritual Bookstore shopping and stuff and that was it.

Sunday – I can’t remember it that well, except that I was still doing the rounds, picking up Lilo at 1 then at 2:30 picking up Dee and Neece.

Monday – Mid week and sis was still in love with school which was cool and all that jazz.

Tuesday – Took Hassan with me to pick up Lilo and boy was that a mistake, I mean he literally asked me every bloody question in the book “What does this do (pointing at the gear box of the car or stereo)” And they fought on who gets to sit in front and shit. Picked up the rest and that was practically it.

Wednesday – Last day of my 1st week back as official driver, and I survived, but I had a messed up sleeping pattern and that’s all.

Thursday – Otherwise known as BLACK THURSDAY, the day my Powerbook’s HD decided to fry. Thank you Lord, for frying my Powerbook, my love, my baby, now I feel so much happier (yeah right!)


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  1. shit happens.. and it too bad that we have to handle it :S cheer up.. there isnt a thing that cant b fixed these days :*

  2. I’ve never used an apple power book but this usually works with other desktops and laptops.
    When you turn the power on keep pressing (F1)
    and see where that will get you.
    You should also make sure that you haven’t forgotten a cd or a disk and disonnect anything else (eg. Printer, Scanner, etc…)

  3. boot it in target disk mode, connect it to another mac, copy your stuff.

  4. i love lilo sooo much and hasoon is just adorable i wuv him sooooo much…lol at the scene of fighting who sits in the front…typical ;P

    cheer up babie everything will fix itself…just mode yourself in the right attitude omiting depression :P

  5. You’ve been 22 for a year now :P
    or 22 is the age you want to be?

  6. Sorry abt your laptop, I know I’d go crazy if it was mine!

    How come you let the kids sit in the front? Kids should all sit in the back! Safety Issue!

  7. What Mark said. Hold down T as you boot up.

  8. Calm down , relax , becoming nervous will not solve the problem

    And thanks for Summarizing

  9. sorry to hear you’re feeling that way :/

  10. 1. jiji, but its still not fair and I can’t be cheered up until I get everything on my powerbook back :(

    2. Aurous, Well I tried and Macs are a bit different in dealing with. But thanks anyways.

    3. Mark, I tried not seeing the Powerbook :/ I don’t know why now though.

    4. YBF, Bite me I don’t like you anymore.

    5. Sosa, I turn 23 on December 4th, so I guess it’s still right that I am 22 for almost a year :)

    6. Shopa, Well they wear seatbelts and its a short drive anyways usually they are off in the back but they sometimes take control of any situation with me. And it hurts when it’s your powerbook going into all that.

    7. 3baid, I tried I tried :(

    8. Soud, Thanks and I hope it helped to summarize.

    9. Laialy, I guess it’s a Macbook within a few weeks from now, just pray it gets Memorem soon.

  11. At least now u have a valid reason to ask for a Macbook :)
    I know, not really positive, but I’m just trying to cheer u up by focusing on the bright side…

  12. yeah ot is right now they have to get u the new mac thingy that u want!! 7abeebti intay stop being DEPRESSED!! im depressed now!!