Most Likely a Bad Idea

September 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

This will most likely be a bad idea but, let’s see for those of you faithful readers of this blog, those of you who have commented or read silently for the past few decades, no not decades really but for the past two years and wish for me to read you, well I already probably read you but for some strange reason sometimes I don’t find your posts on my Feeds site or on Safat, well I have decided to let you guys do something about it.

I have decided to give you all a chance to be added to my Feed’s Site so that I can check you more often you know. And how that’s done my friends? Well simply leave me a comment making sure to fill out the “Website” area with your real website so that I can just copy paste it rather than go and search all over the place. I am currently working on the Template for my Feeds site, it’s much more calmer now and I think that it’s nice, gotta edit some stuff though.

Tomorrow might be the unveiling of my newest template, if I get the header image and colors fixed in time, I also am looking into font type face change, what would you suggest? I prefer “Verdana” but who knows. As for now I am heading to bed to crash or to read who knows. And hoping that tomorrow will be a bright day indeedy!

Much love is sent to all your ways. Just be sure not to spam me alot and not to lie to me :r I don’t like people who lie :(

Update: The site is actually working, my Feeds site, you can go to it by clicking Feeds on the top of the page, browse through the list of Blogs I already have, if you’re not there then leave a comment with a phrase like “I love you” hehe and I’ll add you :)

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    OH the anticipation is killing me. Cannot wait :)

  2. I’m just getting started. I don’t even know how to add feeds or refer to other blogs. You are welcome to add mine if you know how(!)

  3. im already thereeee cause u love me the most :D

  4. i dunno if am there or not.. U BETTER ADD ME MAMA ;p

    love ya ;*

  5. wainah?? yalla im waiting!!

  6. ??????????
    ??????????????? ?…??????????? ?? ???????????? ?????????? ????????? ??????????????? ???? ?? ????????? ????? ???????????? ? ??????? ??? ????????? ?????????????? ? ??????? ??????…??????????? ????????????? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ????????? ???????????? ?????????

  7. Cool!! I’m there :)

  8. I’m there :-) and I always read your blog, even if I don’t comment that much.

  9. 1. Fallen Angel, LOL Hehehe well the wait is over.

    2. Intlxpatr, Welcome and I hope your start with blogging is cool. I can add you to my own feeds no worry there ;p

    3. Ananyah, Ilove youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :*

    4. Jiji,Yes you are there ;p but its weird not grabbing most of your feeds or something like that.

    5. Princess, Its up now ;p

    6. Daddy, Macaroni is still not fixed and not to worry updates are within these few days.

    7. OT, Hehehe yay

    8. Don Veto, I know hehe I read yours as well but don’t comment much.