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September 17, 2006  |  Blog News

A day or actually three days late but I finally got the chance to complete the template and put it up. It is beautiful, I am loving it, and you all will have to love it, no words of complaint because I will really smash your heads with my hammer :@

But seriously, today or better yet tomorrow which is Sept 17, Sunday happens to be the day of my saying goodbye to my previous template code named “Jet Plane” which was made to show the time period in which I was abroad on my semi-vacation visiting my sister and basically working to move her from one apartment to another. It was a beautiful time but I can now really say good bye to it. So let’s dim the lights on that template.


And let us welcome my new theme which is called Addictions. Why Addictions? Well I basically feel that my readers are reading my addictions, I’m reading my own addictions as well, I write mostly about my favorites and the things that I am addicted to, and therefore I want to share my addictions with you. Initially, the images that I set out to use were not the ones used in the final product but I am glad that I have chosen this instead. I get that the main image might be a little too provacative but that’s my choice, and if you don’t like it then what can I do? or better yet what can you do? You might notice more changes done, but honestly it’s the same template as before, just changed the colors a tiny bit and font is now “Arial” I am not sure if it’ll stay that way or change but we’ll see. As for the box that used to house the “date and time” it has now been reduced to a line. It is beautiful all in all and I am proud of it.

Thanks goes to of course the youngest graphics designer (I dont care if there are younger she’s the youngest now and here) Neece My Sister #4, and of course thanks goes to Maria Carla Boscono ads that were shown in Elle Italia and were scanned by young users in the Foto Decadent Livejournal Community [Link].

I am glad that this is over and done with and I am also honored to announce that I have taken down the Evil and Angelic Ducks from my main page www.Rubduckie.com and instead replaced it with the similar graphic with links to my Mail Site, Blog, and Feeds.

Do enjoy and leave lovely constructive criticism, I take back the threat :P

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  1. Your new template is looking good but here’re some thoughts:

    -I’m not a big fan of “Arial”…since it is so basic and there are other fonts out there that might suit your blog much better.

    -I always thought the color red and its family kinda work out for you but I guess this theme of color is kinda sexy too ;)

    Otherwise it is good, great job and I hope one day you design my template too.

    PS: I’m really becoming a “Jackie-holic”…isn’t there a pill or something for that?

  2. looking good
    nice work

  3. now it looks a bit like YBF theme.. since it is black and white too.. only in the sense of colors i’m suggesting so.. i’m glad u didn’t put three columns. the changes are not too dramatic, which is good cz ur platform is attractive enough. as for the provocative picture… i wil practice the poses :D

    oh, and i love u.. so add my blog to ur feeds lol

  4. I like it but yeah, Arial naaaah.. Can i borrow your sis # 4 for one day :D!

  5. WOW. speechless :)

  6. and thanks to OT for providing feedback and constructive criticism during the implementation and testing phases!!!
    I told u Arial isn’t the way to go :P

  7. very nice jaqui!

    it is provocative, but also very artsy!

    just one question tho…

    what’s up with penelope and prince charming? : / is that a sex novel or something…?

  8. Looks fine to me

  9. Looks broken from here .. the header is a bit off (and somewhat boring).

  10. nice walla.. and i love arial.. dont listen to ppl who hate it ;p

  11. it looks really good..
    and i actually think arial is a good choice.. but that’s only me :P

  12. WOw I like the new look SOOOO sexy :P

  13. chenna the tamplate header showin lots of skin ?

    director of ?????????…??? ?????????…??????????? ???????? ???? ???? ??????…? ?????

  14. Finally everything is the way I like it, so it’s time to respond to some comments:

    1. Fallen Angel, Thanks for the input I decided to go with Tahoma I think its flowing better right? If you’ve got any suggestions better than Tahoma then let me know :) And I love the color red but my sis made this and I fell in love with it, tried to make the red work but she’d already flattened the image so couldn’t do much with it but I like the simplicity here. If you’d like me to help you out designing your template email me or something, the Contact page is up there, tell me what you’d like though.

    2. Yazeed, Thanks :)

    3. Bloo, I see a complaint in the first few words hehe it’s actually different than hers, she has more color in her template and is using a white background whereasI don’t and as for the image I love it, it is the embodiment of all that is Jacqui. I tried adding your feed but I couldn’t get the link to work. I’ll try again today.

    4. Chikapappi, I love it and I changed Arial, I also do nice things but she’s the more experienced one in photoshop that’s why I go to her now for mostly all of my graphics.

    5. Mar, I knowwwwwwwww! :P

    6. OT, Yes a thank you to OT, I gotta write that in hehehe I usually test everything with Sou Sou or Ananyah but they weren’t there so I couldn’t do the technical testing hehe and yeah I fixed that :P

    7. Krispy Dixie, Yaay hehehe thanks and I love the artsy feel of it hehe and Penelope and Prince Charming is a Historical Romance novel. I am into that genre of books.

    8. Purg, WOW YOU SAID “LOOKS FINE!” That’s like a compliment to me ;)

    9. K, Fixed it and its not somewhat boring, my sister wants to kill you soon. I’ll be sure to give her your address.

    10. Jiji, Hehehe thank you very much hon :)

    11. MishMisha, Welcome to my blog and in the end they are all fonts equally similar ;P

    12. Cozy, Thanks thanks :$

    13. Fuzzy, Welcome to my home and the header does show skin but then again that’s okay hehehe I am fine with it and I love it :)

  15. i dnt know if this counts as constructive but i love it soooo much! its the best so far, and also im glad its not the three column thing u said u’d do, or is it? is this wat u meant by three column! juju its great, im not making sense im sorry heheheh love u, gotta c u soon though i miss u like crazy!