History Repeats Itself

September 18, 2006  |  My Life

You know how in History class the first thing your teacher would say is that “History repeats itsel”? Well it’s true, because apart from all the wars that were fought were fought for the same reasons or apart from the fact that many things happened at the same time a few hundred years later, I have personally discovered how history repeated itself for me. The proof is the following post, written last year on this same date, it said the following:

  1. I’d like to change the template of this blog because it’s been more than 1 month since I have changed, actually ever since May :/ So I’ve gotten bored of it, I need an inspiration.
  2. I’d like to have the iPod Nano for personal reasons In other words (just because I want to!) and apparently Uncle Dearest has found only one Black one, but a 2GB model, and so he purchased it for himself :/
  3. I’d like to find something inspirational to write about or something just to write about and my mind draws up blanks everytime.
  4. I love my Powerbook, and my Desktop, and my Tablet PC  Well I love my little family of Gadgets ;P And I hope they love me too
  5. — Excerpt from “Wish List” written 18th Sept ’05

So as you can see, I wanted a new template, and knowing myself a day later or so I would’ve put it up. And here we are with a new template or new theme (the difference lies in that the template is the structure itself, theme to me is the theme of template, as in this theme is called ‘Addictions’ get it?) Next item was me wanting an iPod nano, well I still want one of the new ones but that doesn’t mean I’ll get it anytime soon unless anyone cares to gift it to me :P Then comes the bit about wanting something inspirational to write about, read the previous post and you’ll see the connection. Then my gadgets love but of course my Powerbook is dead right now, and my Desktop needs some extra RAM and my Tablet PC well is too cramped for my fingers. And that my friends is how History repeats itself.

“Time Capsule” is truly a great plugin, I should post up the link to it soon for those of you who are WordPressers, I love reading previous posts.

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  1. You know history repeats itself when kids are grown-ups.