The Transition is Complete

September 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Sooner or later you’ll run out of titles for your posts, sooner or later you’ll even run out of material, but here at Jacqui’s you won’t experience that anytime soon, instead you’ll experience craziness and chaos.

I am pleased to announce to you that every editting bit has been completed of both my Site, Blog, and Feeds pages. I believe I can rest easier now knowing that nothing is messed up. You may mention a thing or two that would need tweaking otherwise I believe I am set. I think I have also found the theme that’ll stick with me for a long while, perhaps until next year if not later. I do appologize to those of you who feel a bit disturbed about that “skin” showing in the image I have above but I find that I love it. It embraces the Jacqui that I portray. The working blouse with the boxers almost look like something I would do, I don’t have a job yet and so most of my time is spent at home-ish. But enough about that. I need a new thing to do now.

Turning a new leaf, or starting a new page in your life sometimes is hard, but also sometimes it isn’t. One of the reasons of why lately I’ve been feeling down and such is because I am experiencing a dilemma with an acquaintence of mine, I would call her a friend but I believe she doesn’t deserve the term much anymore. I am a nice person, really I am but I think that I am too nice to people around me that eventually I become the doormat for them to walk all over me. But that will be the old me, I shall make it my mission to no longer be that friendly anymore. That itself is my new leaf.

I need more laughter in my life, I need more laughter in my blog, I need to go crazy one day and just write craziness that’ll help soften the mood of Jacqui, it’ll help me look at something calmer. Hehe, I laugh easily and get mad easily, I believe it has to do with my zodiac sign the Sagittarius, such a mighty sign this one. Seriously, we are like the party people and the cool fun people to hang out with :P

I don’t think I am making much sense, I don’t think that the post is going to make sense when anyone reads it but good luck with that.

Next project: Redesigning Daddy’s Blog.

P.S. I miss Macaroni (the name Daddy gave my Powerbook), and my Acer Tablet’s keyboard is so tiny that it gets annoying typing on it sometimes, 10.6inch screen is a bit annoying at times as well, but oh well, here’s to hoping the Macbooks get an update within the next 10 days and I place in my order.

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  1. ma sarat.. ten days.. next week, by september.. le mota? :)

    i can’t get over the fact u bought ur 4 year old sis a mac mini… really, i can’t.. explain please.

  2. i got you a little something, but i dont know how to send it to you :|

  3. yeah i agree with bloo! ayshay! walla i hope this techie addiction is not passed on to the unbelievably adorably lulu hehehehe and juju i love this new template and hun u do need laughter and i totally understand 7abeebti!! love u my duckie

  4. You need laughter?! WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M IN YOUR LIFE FOR?!!! hehe…

    AND I’m crazy, so it’s an added bonus!

    Sou= laughter + craziness :D

  5. 1. Bloo, Everything points to an update before November, hence if I can put out that long it’ll be well worth the wait, simply becuase Core 2 Duo simply means compatibility with 64bit applications or the ability to run such and Leopard is going to be a 64bit OS meaning better running it natively on its own platform than half speed. And well as for my sis getting the Mac Mini it’s simply because it was a good deal, she’s in love with Mac and has been pestering us with using the iMac and she adores “PhotoBooth” she’s an expert at that and therefore the logical choice of buying her a Mac Mini. She had a PC previously but that’s gone now :r Yes she’s been using a computer since she was 3 yrs and its mainly to go on the Barney and Teletubbies websites and to play with it as well as to play with paint.

    2. Extinct Dodo, We could always Coffee Bean one day and I’d get it, I dont mind :r

    3. Princess, Hehehe I love you more and 3ady Lulu kaif’ha she needs to enjoy herself.

    4. Sou, True true I guess I should have you on auto dial if there was ever such a thing :P But then again I am also crazy and funny sometimes right? :P Keyword is “sometimes”