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September 22, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Happy Ramadan and all that jazz, Yea Yea Yea Yea! As you can see I wasn’t really anticipating it to be tomorrow, I was ready for it to be on a Sunday otherwise I didn’t want it tomorrow but you see I can’t choose if the moon decides to grace us with that half eaten or not. Wow!

I sound like I am in such a bad mood. I blame this on my bloody throat. I seem to have developed a bloody sore throat, one which annoys you when you talk, you know how you get that scratchy feeling in the back and you feel as if a frog is stuck in there. Wait a second, how come they always say you’ve got a frog in your throat, did anyone actually experience it to use this analogy, if not then how come they chose a frog, why not sandpaper, and actually test the theory out. Woah I drifted! Anywho, yesterday was an awesome day blah blah blah, I went to Grandma’s had some fun at the expense of one uncle but not really annoying fun hehe he was fine with it, went and saw baby Ali and in reality he’s cuter than in pictures, seems to have inherited my charm and charisma, in other words he looked like me when I was a child, merely a few days born, oh yeah and Daddy remember that picture that you keep telling me its story, the one where I was just born? Yea well de-puff the eyes and you’ve got baby Ali hehe. I’ll email you the pictures.

The countdown to Photokina is 3 days, well technically if I don’t count the rest of this day and start counting from Saturday then it’ll be 2 days, and I can’t wait any longer, I wish they would go ahead and release it! I’m sick and tired of waiting. And apparently I seriously busted my HD by using that magnet in which the arm that goes down to read the drive is sort of bent out of shape and therefore making those clicky noises, so I left Powerbook or Macaroni with older Uncle and he was supposed to take it today but he forgot so tomorrow he’ll drop it off and hope that the guy who offered to install a new HD does a great job although I would’ve loved to accompany him and watch the process. I am still paranoid about it, don’t like handing off my stuff to weird people.

That’s it for me, I feel a need to put a gun up to my head and blow it once the Macbook doesn’t get announced but then again I have more faith. So yeah. Here’s a picture of lovely Powerbook in the NY’s JFK airport while waiting for the Kuwait Airways counter to open. I hate the fact that all my pictures are gone :(


I feel sad. Boooo hooooo :(

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  1. I totally feel you. I started sulking when the news that trhe rest of the Arab states announced Ramadan tomorrow, but then I turned on Jordanian tv, and discoverd thaat Ramadan here is on Sunday :D Yipee.

  2. Hmmm 3atham Allah ajrik fil Powerbook and Ramadan Kareem Inshallah :)
    I say, if the Macbook doesn’t get an update this week, just buy the Core Duo one! U’ve waited for far too long…

  3. yeah it felt like as if time is wearing a Nike Sneakers ! eb sir3a ya ermothan\

    mubarak 3alaikom el shahar


  5. awww poor baby! mako suicding or blowing ur head off plz! and also imbarak 3alaich il shahar, and im glad i saw u today, u looked awesone babes

  6. That really sucks that your computer got screwed! U know Im going through the same crap! Its like rebuilding from scratch or something! This has happened before where I lost my computer HD, but the main one has nothing on it so it was more annoying then anything else! I still had all my stuff, but this time my stuff disappeared damn it!

  7. 1. Extincty, Thanks hehhe hugging me today though will make you sick.

    2. Roba, See I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way :/

    3. OT, Ajerna o Ajrek and I can’t buy a Core Duo one after all this wait I seriously cant :/

    4. Fuzzy, Exactly! O 3alaina o 3alaik :)

    5. Soud, 3alaina o 3alaik

    6. Princess, Hehehe okay I won’t kill myself and I am glad I saw you too ;P You looked as amazing as ever ;*

    7. Marzouq, You know how much I hate stuff when they disappear, and its always the not that important stuff that hurts, pictures for example.