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What do you do when you leave the house and find a cat laying on its side and meowing her way into your heart? Well not really, she’s not that hot or anything she just seems to be trying to hit your conscience and make you feel guilty. And she seems to be too forward as well, she didn’t freak out when I started walking next to her, but she kept on meowing and licking her lips :/ I think she was hungry but what do I do? :/


I started talking to her in her language, meowing my way with her but eventually we misunderstood each other and what happened was I told her to “Shoo” and go away but she didn’t listen, she’s blocking my way out and therefore I had to honk the horn to get her to move I honked more than once to get her to get out of my way. And when she moved I realized she was a pregnant cat.

*Sigh* I want a cat now :/ I want a baby one though.

P.S. “Heroes” is starting to become addictive, it’s not my type at all yet you can’t help but become addicted to it, and the endings of each episode are always too crude and gross.

P.P.S. “30 Rock” premieres tonight but apparently it’s available to download, I don’t understand how I can get Studio 60 on Monday night where it airs that same night and it’s supposed to be available the day after but oh well.

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  1. hehe i wake up everyday to a bunch of cats sitting on our doorstep :) i fed them a few times and they were stuck for good:)

  2. :: Meowrr !! Humm Meeeeyaaaaw “Male Meowrr” :P

  3. I’m a cat person, as I hate dogs! And yeah I agree, having a little kitten is really cool… Go for it, all u need to do is wait for this one to give birth and then u’ll have ur kitten(s) ;)

  4. Hii jackie. I’m a frequent reader of ur blog! .. I know this is of the subject of this post! but i think u said earlier in ur blog that u were gonna get the mac book.. did u get it ? if yes i would like to ask u questions about it! thnx!!!

  5. umm it kinda scars me that you were meowing to the cat.. are you ok? ;p

  6. i meant scares me not scars me :)

  7. cham mara agoolich :P

  8. I love cats… I have 3 Persian cats and hmm… there’s maybe 10 cats that wait for us as we leave the house everyday and they all “Meooowrr” all the time!

    PAWS is good

  9. hehehhehe jaxie, i read ur post while talking to u oo gelt kil il 3indi there hehehehe but damn it intay maynoona 7abeebti we need to do something abt this, hehehehehehe i love u

  10. I didn’t know so many ppl like cats so much! eh dah?!

  11. Fonzy, LOL! Sadly enough that a week after I wrote this post that the cat doesn’t come there anymore, I think she went to give birth somewhere else hehe

    Shopa, I want a cat!

    3baid, Here kitty kitty… Pssst Pssst :P

    Frankom, Meeeeeowwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    OT, LOL No I don’t want a Street Cat, She’ll be naughty and all that, what I want is a Munchkin cat, but I doubt I’ll get any :(

    Bernie Mac, Awww Welcome to my blog and I’m sorry to reply so late but as to your question I still didn’t get the Macbook but I can still answer some questions.

    Sou, Hssssssssssss!

    Dr Lost, I have many languages in my vocabulary so it’s not a big problem and you shouldn’t be scared :P

    Extinct Dodo, LOL! The parents don’t agree that I get a cat, I know that sentence was ungrammatical but oh well!

    Chikapappi, I had 2 persian cats but both ran away or were given to grandma :/

    Princess, LOL! I know and I still love you too ;P

    Sou, Cats are not as loyal as dogs but are much more spoiled :P LIKE ME!