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Do you ever get the feeling that you are incompetent, that you’re not really living to the image that you build up for yourself or better yet the one that others build up for you? Do you ever have a little shadow inside that tells you to do stuff or tries to get you to do stuff that you wouldn’t want to do?

Well I know for a fact, not really a fact but many people on this Earth that suffer from these insecurities. Lots of children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and even some grown up people. But I don’t think people like them are getting the attention needed, I don’t think such problems are being taken into consideration and such. But then again, I think that if a person has insecurities they would keep it quiet and not let anyone know about it, for fear that others will perceive them as weak, or that others will see those insecurities and think of them less than what they are.

What am I aiming with this post? Well nothing in particular except that you should always be careful when addressing the person in front of you whether its a joke or not, and not try to make light of a situation dear to them. I can’t give you an example or anything I guess all I would want to say is make sure all your friends are feeling fine, even if you don’t talk so often, we all seem to have our troubles here and there and yet we keep quiet and try to maintain a happy face.

In other news however, I am feeling sleepy and tired. I guess I shall turn in, oh and last night I had pasta, the first time in a few weeks :/ I was so happy :)

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  1. I love you juju :** I hope that everything is OK, I know that I’ve been going on about HIM for days and days, but just know what I’m here for you whenever you wanna chat.. that’s what friends are for! AND YOU GIRL ARE THE BESTEST :*

  2. That is why they invented Prozac.

    Cheer up, if you are feeling down. Depression does not suit you. Change your routine to something new and you will feel better. If it is not you feeling down, pass this advice to whoever needs it.

  3. Oh I can relate to your post. I always feel as though people don?€™t want to hear about this insecure stuff, and whenever I speak up about it I feel that people get uncomfortable in a way, and their responses become a little more stiff, but then u talk about cute shoes and giggles resume… that?€™s how I have been feeling around my friends for awhile, and at a point I felt like I didn?€™t have the energy to put on a happy face anymore… I also blogged about something similar to this Jacqui, but what can we do? Its easer to share laughter than tears… but that?€™s why u have the twirlies!

  4. Sa7 :/
    People are easily hurt when u hit them where it hurts.
    Some ppl do it intentionally tho, they aim for the cheao shots.

  5. oh honey u are totally right, and im with u on the hide and deny ur insecurities, i mean we shouldnt u know walk around on eggshells but we must at least try to be intune to people insecurities especially if these people r friends and u KNOW wat their insecurities r. and abe pasta!

  6. Juju McJuju!!

    You are a beautiful twirl and you’re just going through a blue phase right now! But before you know it you’ll be bouncing off the walls!

    I luff u awy awy awy awy! Eh dah?! Ana 3andi kam Juju ya3ni ;)


  7. you are right, we all suffer insecurities, the secret is how to convert this insecurity: positive or negative energy
    and once more i agree with you, we need to be aware of other people’s feelings, which we Scarcely do in our society, we are so cynical and unaware of others’ feelings, won’t you say?
    great psychological post :)

  8. Hmmm u need to cheer up, cuz ur much ‘funner’ (Princess’ invented word) when ur happy…
    I hope it’s not something a person said to u, cuz if it is, then it’s sooo not worth getting depressed over…
    I want Pasta as well!! I want Penne Arrabiata!!

  9. It doesn’t matter how “together” we look on the outside, we ALL have insecurities. One secret – when you are feeling particularly insecure, do something nice for someone else. It breaks that deadly obsessive cycle we get in.

  10. Ananyah, I love you too and everything is fine and you are the most amazing friend hehe :P But oh well :P

    Don Veto, LOL! Prozac hehe but yeah I agree Depression isn’t my color ;/

    Izzi, True, I hope others can start to act more nicely to other people and such :r

    Delicately Realistic, Cheap Shots are Nasty :/

    Princess, Pasta is fun to eat, and gets rid of depression hehe :P Reminds me of all the times we went out! LOL!

    Sou, Awww you made me smile and I luff you tooo! :*

    White Wings, I agree and I believe that as a world population who is trying to spread humanitarian awareness we should start in our own countries and homes and try to spread awareness here and get people to treat others rightly ;/ But as for your last bit hehe I get psychological late at night lol when trying to sleep.

    OT, Am I? :P Hehehe and I guess I should cheer up!

    Intlxpatr, What does your nickname mean hehe however as to your comment thanks I should hope to try that soon.