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October 14, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Can’t slep hence the title of this post. I thought I should give a few tips, some obvious things of course to the new comers as well as some old geezers although most of us know such information.

  • Most bloggers read the posts during weekdays, simply because the masses of them are working adults who would prefer to pass a few minutes in their day by reading what others are writing, hence Weekend posts don’t usually get much attention.
  • Try to shorten posts (I for one can never write really short posts and therefore many complain yes I know I am going to do it again).
  • Whenever citing information not yours, ALWAYS LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL (I have seen many plaigarized posts and I can’t help but feel pissed because the person who actually wrote is isn’t getting the credit he/she deserves).
  • Don’t get too scientific in your posts (Not many of the readers are Rocket Scientists and I for one perfer fluffy posts and a few short informative ones rather than filled with technical information).
  • If you have something nice to say to someone, SAY IT, if not THEN SHUSH! (There is always that tiny button in the corner with an (x) that can save your bum and let others exist in peace as well).
  • Many people read what you write yet don’t comment, its because sometimes nothing can be added or said that another person hasn’t said much.
  • Pictures help alot when you post, a picture is worth a thousand words so cut long posts short with pictures ;P
  • Don’t ever overcrowd your template with un-needed stuff, sometimes a reader gets too frustrated from the way the blog is displayed and just closes it without reading (I do it sometimes, I hate unaligned sites and such).
  • Never attempt to write lists late at night when you should be sleeping because this only proves that you are somewhat delusional.

And now I’m off to bed, hopefully going to sleep this time instead of stay up :/

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  1. Contradicted urself in the last point :p

    You are delusional u know :p hehe Luv u regardless :D

  2. Loooooool i’m sure u got it like me :) although i’m here since April… but i know this equation now… But the thing is… We should write what we want… Not just to have more comments each time (7ekmat elyom :P)

  3. check



    you really need to follow your own advise about how long a post should be :ppPpp

  4. LOL!…Good Tips..yet, you still have to work on yourself, in terms of writing long posts ;) Like they say, “It’s easier said than done” (now where can i link this to)

  5. I’m guessing I’m an old timer! :P
    As for your first point, I prefer to go through blogs during the week! I like to start my day off with my RSS feeds at work!

  6. I second Sou in her observation… Oh and I also second Laialy_q8 in his/her observation too :P

  7. HAHAHA!
    Great tips for the newbies!

  8. hehe good tips:) i think i got 8 out of 9 except fot the one of “if u got something nice to say then say it otherwise sush” :) i tend to criticize a lot

  9. Sou, I always contradict myself, state something new :P

    Zizo, I always write what I want hehe and never what the people want but that was for those I don’t know who want some tips LOL!

    Laialy, LOL! I should always listen to what I preach, but do I?

    Howahkan, LOL True true! And I think I wrote that once but I don’t remember hehe :P

    Stallion, Problem with RSS Feeds is that day by day we get new blogs and then you have to add those new ones and that in itself is as tiring as the entire going through it situation lol.

    OT, LOL! It’s her :P Laialy is a female :P

    Ananyah, Thanks :P

    Delicately Realistic, Yup Yup!

    Fonzy, Criticizing is fine however if done in a right way and not by attacking aggressively :P