Who Do I Look Like?

October 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I ran the test on my latest picture and this is the result that I got:

However when I ran it on another picture, one taken on my 21st birthday I got slightly different results.

Now you tell me did I age gracefully or did I not?

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  1. lol 7abeebti madre shagool, akeed u age gracefully and ur as hot as ever my duckie hehehe so screw that weird picture thing, luff u

  2. :: Wain ra7at shesamonha !!! malat el Freej ? :P

  3. Amazing growth! Too bad I couldn’t get a better look but I can definitly tell that the new pics seem to be much more graceful and alot more professional!

  4. Hmmm u look like none of them?? I guess lol

  5. We want to try that site too. Do they accept pictures of dogs? Oh, and ducks?

  6. i love minnie, ityanin :”>

  7. Princess, LOL Yaaay I’m hot! Yay Yay! Hehehe *me jumps around like Jack high on something! * LOl! I lurves you too ;*

    Frankom, LOL Mawjoda

    Stallion, Yea I guess :P

    OT, I think so as well but who knows who I look like :P

    Ananyah, LOL! Ms Shakira :P

    Delicately Realistic, It’s fun and easy to pass time with LOL!

    Heaven Nose, So you’re trying to be sarcastic? You can try the site by clicking any of the images.

    Extincto, LOL! I am Minnie Driver then :P

  8. lol um ok im glad that ur jumping up and down like jack high on something hehehe 5ibla

  9. Well, it was an attempt at humor actually….