Happy New Year!

October 23, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I just didn’t want to conform and be like everyone else, you know posting a “Happy Eid” or “Eid Mubarak” post. Conformity is the work of the devil, hell I don’t think it’s the work of the devil, I think well Lord only knows what I think. Many different thoughts run through my head and therefore I can’t make sense even if it’s the last thing I wanted to do. You see, if you ever start having a conversation with me, you would notice how I drift from one topic into another without even an introduction, better yet hehe I can drift into another topic and back into the old one so easily LOL! Anywho besides the point.

Recently Apple sent me a new battery since my Powerbook’s battery was recalled and therefore I get a free new battery, woohoo! Eid is tomorrow but not for everyone I guess, it’s crazy and I’m crazy too! I’m debating which of the three outfits I have in mind to wear on Tuesday when I go collect my cash ;P Wooho! I am becoming so lazy, well not really but I need to go out and change the atmosphere since staying at home for a while is kinda depressing. I love the Twirlies and everyone of my beloved readers. I read all of you, I seriously do but I just don’t feel like pressing the comment button sometimes depending on where I am at the time. Sometimes I’m reading you when I am at Grandma’s and sometimes when I have just woken up. I miss Sou Sou, we should go out! Hell I miss my Crazy Girls! You know what Princess, Fantasia, Dorie, Kalikaboki, Lily, Nuttie, etc WE HAVE TO GO OUT!

I am planning to check out “Open Season” in the cinema, we’re planning on taking Lulu for her first Cinema movie, lets hope she doesn’t throw a tantrum, and one line from that movie cracks me up! “I’m half a deer and half a buck, I guess that makes me a ‘duck'” LOL!

Here’s to a week of extended happiness and fun!

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  1. I miss you too!! Ouff, yalla, Ramadan is ove, OFF TO THE HEADQUARTERS: CBTL! hahahaha!

    Kol sana wenti tayeba! And heyyy!! We already picked out the outfit! hehe! ;)

    Half a deer, half a buck……duck! hahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. OOOOH!! I’m sizzlingggg; first to comment ;) lol

  3. Move to Jordan! Our eid is still a day away. Which actually sucks. Khalas! I’m really sick of Ramadan!

  4. ya3ny ana mo ma3zooma? :| anyways 3eedich imbarak gabl ilza7ma :*

  5. 3eedich imbarak
    oo mabrook 3eediyat apple :P

  6. 3eedich embaarak yel 3ayaarah! U should be giving out the 3ayadee not the other way around! hehehehe

  7. happy new year jaxie :D and also yes, we need to go out! i forgot how u look like!! hehehhee and nuttie is in egypt btw and i love u and also 7alata lulu shes going to the movies cute :)

  8. Kel 3am o enti bkheir o se77a nafseya ok (referring to your mental conversations) ;p

  9. LOL
    Girl you are crazy LOL
    Kinda remind me of my self bs you are waaaaaaaaay beyond LOL

  10. lets go parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!
    il send over my twirlie jet for you all :D
    we’ll party all nite long, then head to a male strip club to abuse some men…. what you say!

  11. 3eedkom mbarak all!! ;)

  12. regardless
    happy Eid

  13. Sou, LOL! I miss you more! And yes yes we’ll get to see each other more now hopefully and same to you and we talked about it lol ;P P.S. What’s the fascination at being the first to comment.

    Roba, LOL! My Eid was with you guys ehhee so it didn’t matter if I move to Jordan or not, as for being sick of Ramadan yeah I totally agree!

    Extincto, Yes ma3zoma khalas :P Hehehe and Ayamich Sa3eda Yay!

    Laialy, Yes see next post ;P

    Yazeed, Ayamik Sa3eda and they still didn’t give me the Macbook :( They gave you the Macbook Pro!

    Marzouq, Ayamik Sa3eda LOL! Ana 3ayarra?!?! Hehehe LOL! And I won’t give out 3ayadi until I turn 30 :P LOL! Then I would LOL! 7 years to go LOL!

    Princess, Thanks Baby hehe and yes we do hehe and yaaay ;P

    Chikapappi, Wenty ib Se7a o Salama and Inshalla yeah :P

    RadiantGuy, Thanks and I guess thanks for being called crazy hehe I love being called that really ;P Hehehe LOL! And I forgot to say it but welcome to my blog ;P

    Ananyah, LOL! Party to Damascus baby! LOL! Yes we should get a Twirlie Jet! LOL!

    Chiktute, Thanks dear :)

    White Wings, Thanks Hon :) Same to you!