Driving Jacqui Crazy

October 29, 2006  |  Uncategorized

A few things in my WordPress Database is driving me nuts. First of all, I bought this domain a while back, back when I was on Blogger and I didn’t immediately use it for WordPress, I used it for blogger mostly, hence the fact that everything is a mess in it. You can see how messy it is from the image I’ll upload in a second. Anyways, so everything is out of place and to top it all off I am not that happy with anything that is out of place you see.

But what I am complaining about is the fact that I have tried to change the way the permalinks would look like but it told me to update the .htaccess file and well I don’t know what to update it in it to fix that bit. I also wanted to de-activate the rich text editor but whenever I do that, I still see the rich-text editor in the window itself. Another bit, ever since May 16th 2006 I have stopped recieving the emails notifying me of recent comments or comments awaiting moderation, I loved those emails, they would liven up my day when I see that I have like so and so comments and I would laugh my head off before going to my site and reading them.

So what am I trying to get through? Well I want a way to fix all of this up. I also wish that there was an easier way to update this section, since I set up my Feeds blog using the Webhosting package that was provided for me, as in it was done with a click of a button, it is easier to update and upgrade once an upgrade comes out. However with the old manual way it’s driving me nuts.

So yeah, HELP!


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  1. i changed the permalinks on my blog recently,
    the wordpress docs tell u that exactly u need to change in the .htaccess file.
    let me find the code and email it

  2. Awesome that’s great!

  3. mabrook the new permanlinks :D

  4. Thanks now they work but let’s try to find other solutions :/