Birthday Wish List

November 9, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Previously I mentioned the following items as to be part of my Birthday Wish List, and hence here is the update on whether I have acquired or not such items:

  1. MacBook (Just placed the order, Yippeeeee!) 2.0GHz WhiteBook, 1GB RAM, 120GB HD, Student Discount.
  2. Digital Camera (About to place an order on the Sony DSC-T10, I finally decided btw!)
  3. Mobile Phone (No longer needed)
  4. Watch
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Contacts (Bought weeks ago)
  7. Puma Shoes
  8. Books (Buying those weekly, so yaaay!)
  9. DVD Set of Wild N’ Out
  10. 2GB RAM and a new Sleeve for my MacBook (Browsing for the better choices)

Cool right? Yea of course it’s cool hehe I’m having so much fun since yesterday and I just love how it is.

In a bit I’m going out to have Lunch with Mother and Little Sister, and afterwards well we’ll just browse around in the shops. I might walk out buying something today who knows. Maybe a new Watch and Shoes then that would be great! Plans ended up being cancelled.
Someday my kids will be very lucky to have a Mommy like me, I just hope they’ll take part of my genes that are Technology obsessive :P I can’t deal with like a bunch of brats constantly wanting new things right? :P

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  1. Nice nice nice…. yallah keep scratching. :D

    #7 is tickling me, been thinking of placing an order for a pair of Puma Taper.

  2. Hopefully you keep achieving all that you want!

  3. I’m not really sure, but after reading that, I remembered the incident at the CBTL when you “thought” you lost your car keys and they turned out to be in your hand. Very random, I know!

    Well, let’s just hope your kinds don’t inherit the “oh wait! i didn’t lose them, i’m holding them” genes :p LOL!

    Mabrouk 3al 7agat :**

  4. hmmm i would scratch watch from the list. youll have time in your phone macbook and you can call a number to tell you time or in your car. so unless you want it as an accessory i would not get one just my thought on that ^^

  5. woohooooooooooooooooooo i love gadgets

  6. Macaholic, Scratching is really fun and well yeah I want new Pumas now that the weather has turned a bit cold, I guess I gotta retire my open shoes now :/

    Marzouq, Thanks dear I highly appreciate that and I too hope to get everything on my wish list :)

    Sou, Thanks and Alla Ebarek Feech, and yeah well we’ll see about my forgetfullness syndrome.

    TAT, But I want a watch and I don’t usually stare at my Phone to see the time, I look at my wrist.

    Ananyah, yeah we all do.

  7. HEYA
    the camera saga is over, i hope :roll:

    and why want 2gb of ram, and u ordered the macbook with 2×512? ur just going to throw them away, you should have ordered it with the basic 512, place an order for 1gbx1 or 1gbx2 and replace it :P

    anyways hope that list get shorter closer to ur bday :P

  8. I also need a sleeve… I did extensive research on what’s available with each brand’s pros/cons… Lemme know if u need help, or just links :P

  9. cross out the watch and sunglasses. i’m going to qaratees stationary to get them now. they have cool shades with flowers and butterflies. and i’m sure i’ll find a matching watch :)

    oh. does the watch actually have to work? i mean you have a mobile. u can use that.

  10. I also think u should cross out the watch… It’s not something techie enough for you to be obsessed with getting :P

  11. and someone came to my blog and said i was materialistic :p
    ethaher they haven’t found your blog :Pppp

    Mabrook again and again and again ^_^

  12. I just bought two PUMA shoes so :Pp~ ate you LOL
    I love them you should get something similar, except they would look huge on your feet :D

  13. Are you talking about Sony’s new DSLR camera?
    If so, they DON’t BUY IT!
    I just read a review of three DSLRs, Sony, Nikon D80 and Canon 400D.
    If you can buy 1. Nikon, 2. Canon but don’t waste your money on Sony’s DSLR

  14. Yazeed, Yaaay the saga is over and why do I want the 2GB ram well just because ;P I want it hehe and I am not going to throw them away they’ll always be available should anything happen to my new 2GB RAMS and and well it now comes with the basic 1GB instead of 512 hence the dilemma and what I’m getting is 2x1GB sticks hopefully ;P And list is already shorter ;P

    OT, I am going with Tucano, I seem to love Italian things, including Italiano men :P

    Hanan, LOL! You cracked me up! Hehehe but I want a nice watch one with Barbie on it ;P (Don’t get any ideas now! LOL!) And my mobile isn’t always in my peripherial vision area :P LOL!

    OT, It is techie enough! Trust me :P Watches are Fashionable now! LOL!

    Laialy, Yea apparently they haven’t hehe and thanks and thanks and thanks :P

    RadiantGuy, Ugh :P I dont like you why did you have to go and buy those shoes! I want PUMAS! My Reeboks are kinda huge :( And no I got the Sony DSC-T10 it’s an Ultracompact.