Waking Up

November 12, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Waking up to good news is something that’s been lost to me these days, I mean all I wake up to is boring things! And therefore it felt great when I woke up today, or just now and saw the following email in my Inbox. I was getting worried last night but now I’m not!


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  1. mabroooook!
    yo9al bil salama inshallah :P

  2. Mabrook!!!!
    Allah yi36eeeki khairo oo yikfeeki Sharro! :P hehe

  3. Yay!!! WOo0o0o0o0oTTt!!!! *dance* *dance*

    yalla cant wait till you post pix pix pix .. *dance*

    lawl =P .. The “We Waited Too long For you” Baby is coming Hooome .. He’s Cawmin’ Hawm!!! hehehehe

  4. Yazeed, Thanks Dear Alla Esalmek!

    OT, Alla ebarek feek and Thanks as well :P

    K, Aramex

    Nonaw, Yaaaay! I know I can’t wait I seriously can’t! now I place an order on the Digital Camera ;P

  5. mabrooook… yitraba lucien b3izich :*

  6. Enjoy the next couple of days! Your going to go nuts waiting for it! hahaha!

    Inshalla it will be up to your expectations!

  7. Mabrouk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :**

  8. Dodo, Yes Enshalla he will :P

    Zouk, LOL I’m already going nuts!

    Sou, Thanks hon

    Macaholic, Thanks Dude!