My Little Project

November 17, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I am a bit bored waiting for my babies to come home and therefore I have decided to start a little project, I will basically create a book out of my posts, and publish only one copy of it, just for me. I kind of like reading what I wrote a few years ago, hell even months ago and therefore I thought this would be nice, the day I’ll probably publish it or send it in to would be December 31st this year because of the title I chose for it:

A Journey in Jackie’s Life

Who Will Later Be Known as Jacqui

The Years 2004- 2006

However I am still debating whether I should keep the posts as they are? or edit spelling mistakes here and there (I am thinking of keeping it the way it is but editting some irritating mistakes) and I don’t know if I should put in the comments or not. I don’t think so though, because in the end its going to be a book for me, to see how I grew up.

Cool right?

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  1. right :P keep spoling yourself ma awa9eech :P

  2. You can doooo eeeeet!!! just wanted to say that :P
    Imo go for it ^^

  3. VERY, VERYYYYYY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i say keep the comments cos you get to see the reactions your posts got ;)

    nonetheless, really cool idea…

    maybe you can do this every two years?

  5. yah i love the idea! Keep the posts written how they are :D

  6. love the idea..i think you shouldn’t change a thing and also include comments..

  7. gr8 idea….keep ur posts as they are…

  8. mabrook, to let you know.. I enjoy your blog even thu you don’t even check mine, and a reader for 2 years now

  9. Dodo, Afa 3alaich You don’t even have to ask ;P

    TAT, Yea I will :)

    Sou, Berry Berry Cooool!

    Swair, Welcome back here :) It’s been a while and yea but sometimes I got more comments if I put them all in, then it’ll be like a 500pg book :/ Already I have 850+ posts and 6,600 comments.

    Ananyah, Yea but there are some earlier posts with bad punctuation that I am fixing.

    Peony, It’ll be great to have in my library and to treasure since I never was able to keep a diary.

    Macaholic, True :)

    Maze, Thanks and yeah I will keep the new ones as they are hehe.

    Moey, Thanks and I get lost alot I haven’t been commenting as much on blogs but I’ll add you to my feeds to continue to read you.. I am glad that you have been an addicted reader hehe :P Thanks I hope to become an addicted reader to your blog :)

  10. Keep things written as they are! Its a good idea!

  11. I think its a good idea and you should go for it! Dont change your posts! Leave them as is! Its history! Its your history!

  12. I agree; keep the post in their original form and the comments are also nice.

    Keep us updated on your project!

  13. Zouk, I will but I’m just fixing tiny things, I hate seeing the “I” uncapitalized and therefore I gotta fix it up and yeah hehe it’s fun I’ll get to read a page of me every night and see how I was and how I am today!

    Jewaira, Thanks and I will, I hope by the end of the year it’ll be ready to produce, but I was wondering if I should make it available for readers to purchase if they’d like but nah I think it’d be best if it was just for me :P