I want my Lucien

November 21, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Luciano is still away from Mama, and it’s been like 3 days almost well I guess 3 days exactly. See the below illustration, Nov 19 to Nov 21 so far. Aramex are telling me it’s going to be another 2-3 days, meaning Saturday-Sunday and I don’t think I can last that long but they filed in the Clearing Papers so all I have to do is just sit and wait and I can’t do that. I mean I ordered my baby on the 8th of November and today is the 21st and so it’s been 2 weeks+ and I want him here already. At the moment I am feeling a bit sleepy but I am trying to stay up because apparently my USWS packages are about to be delivered today. So I guess the quirks of this is that Damien will be home and Luciano’s bed will be ready to recieve him.


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  1. Hang in there!
    ma biga shay!

  2. LooL
    i like how you give them names, i just call mine baby’s hehehe

  3. Hello Jacqui,

    Totaly off topic, how do you do the feeds thingy? (aggregating).



  4. poor baby! he’s getting gang raped as we speak!

    i say you go to the customs, flirt a little and get it back :P

  5. It will be here soon! Dont complain! looooool! Just kidding you wil have it soon! Enjoy! hehehe!

  6. i guess he’s premature…staying in the hospital waiting for a lease ;)

    dont worry be happy he’ll be in your hands soon

  7. stop whining, you big fat wuss :p

    glt lich lazim the clothes be there before the arrival of the baby, you cant have a baby cold and naked without his clothes :|

  8. I just received another aramex package yesterday .. :P

  9. Aukh!!!!! Hate it When it Happens!!! Not Kewl! at All .. yew hang in there like wat marzouq said! your baby is coming home .. home in a few .. no worries!!

  10. Wewt!! it didnt cut me .. Yay!!! .. anyways .. dont be sad .. its aight dudette .. he’ll be home soon and he’ll Feeel Thaa Laaawwwvvv .. hehehe =D

  11. i have a package coming from Hong Kong to Saudi containing a Macbook Pro.

    I just hope that it won’t be held up by customs.

    Wish you luck and play with your baby.

  12. Lucien is out safely of course since you guys are pretty updated about my situation but here goes to responding to everyone here.

    Yazeed, Thanks

    Laialy, You don’t like to get attached do you?

    PALForce, I’m sorry to have replied late, but I’ll email you about how it’s done no problem.

    Ananyah, Shhhh don’t say such things!

    Zouk, I love to complain when have you never heard me complaining?

    YBF, Creative approach hahaha.

    Dodo, You like me whining LOL! But yeah his clothes arrived earlier.

    K, Rubbing it in my face aren’t you?

    Yazeed, Yea it did!

    Nonaw, I know I hate it as well! And yay it loves you again!

    Cris, It might, but then again Saudi is different than Kuwait, I hope you write about your experience somewhere hehe.