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December 2, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Saturday mornings are nice mornings in my life really, not that I have had many nice Saturdays back in college one used to dread them since one was lazy and such but these past few weeks I would go out with Auntie and her son Issss and we would have a bit of fun. This week was no different, we went out this morning to IKEA since she didn’t see it, I went during the weekend and wasn’t that surprised with it. Afterwards we wanted to check out Landmark and other places but we didn’t get a chance and only checked out Hanouf, not that nice of a place. But that is not all we did..

I broke my glasses yesterday evening and therefore, I asked Auntie to take me to Plaza to see International Optics and fix them, and there I found out that there is a new brand of Acuvue Weekly Contacts out called “Oasys” and that they are more hydrated than before and I was like what the heck let me get me a pair. So I bought a pair while waiting to have my glasses fixed. And they were in less than 10 minutes or 15 minutes I didn’t feel the time. Afterwards we were contemplating on what to have for lunch and well Auntie mentioned “She was in the mood for Shrimp” and I said “OMG! Me TOO!” And sadly Al-Danah Restaurant was closed for renovations and so I suggested Totally Fish!

Totally Fish

Totally Fish is located in Marina Crescent and is basically a nice Sea Food place, I haven’t heard of anyone trying it out before and so I was a bit reluctant but I heard the ad campaigns on the radio mentioning their Shrimp festival and so we headed out there! We each got half a kilo of Jumbo Shrimp Grilled and the sauces that accompanied it were AMAZING! I couldn’t tell which is my favorite! The meal was quite expensive but I guess relatively priced for Shrimp, we got 7 pieces of Jumbo Shrimp, Rice, Potatoes, 2 types of Sauce for 7.750KD for each plate.

We picked up Lilo and headed over to Auntie’s place where we ate with Toonz and Lilo, and then I went and picked up the girls and that was that. Seriously nice day!

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  1. i went to that place awal ma it opened… i got a sea bass (i think) baked in salt and it was out of this world… mom got the salmon wrapped in bamboo leaves or something, which was pretty yummy too

    3la 6aary al danah… im peeved they tore down the seafront shrimpy, i used to go there aaaaaall the time :((

  2. hmmmmmm shirmpssssssssssssssss

    biatch ur taking me there in April, I’ll buy :P

  3. Totally fish is the best….I wrote about it on my blog previously and it’s worth paying that amount for good food…

  4. Dodo, It is quite delicious isn’t it, but I’m more of a Shrimp person and no other seafood… And I didn’t know they tore down Shrimpys that’s on the beach!

    Ananyah, Hehehe I’ll take you no problemo!

    Maze, Yea it is great!