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December 3, 2006  |  Uncategorized

It’s difficult getting a haircut, I mean you want something and its in your mind but when it’s being cut you’re saying in your head “Oh my God, this won’t look as nice as I’d hoped” or “Oh my God, she’s cutting it shorter than I requested, Shit Shit!” And therefore it’s difficult to go through a haircut without getting some type of nerves. I have had my last haircut on Sept 1, the day after I came back from the States and now my hair has grown out a bit but it’s uneven and I am thinking of heading out right now to get a haircut, the problem is.

I like my hair being long, it’s nice but I hate the layers I have in the back because they sometimes mess up my hair’s look or give me an unneccessary puff, and if I even it all out then my hair will be shorter than before and I don’t want to go really short anymore, so it’s going to be difficult choosing to cut it. Then again I might not get a cut today and only will have Lilo’s haircut. But that’s left to be seen in the next few hours.

And so I’m off.

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  1. When it comes to haircuts its the best thing to be a guy… Shaved head for the win! hehehe

  2. You made a lot of posts today! Which is craaaazy for you! I thought your max was one a day! hehehe..

  3. if you want it to be long be patient don’t cut it.. cuz if u do u will never had the chance to grow it up ,, i stopped cutting my hair for a long time though, it’s very long now * mashalla *

  4. totally fish is amazing! i love it! and what happened to ur past addictions posts? the ones where it shows what u wrote same day last year?

  5. oh ok i found it hehe silly me sorry for that:P

  6. Last time I cut my hair was Sep 25th and she cut it too short :'( so I’m not cutting it until it grows!

    P.S. I

  7. to cut or not to cut …
    Alas, the lingering questions of life :p

  8. Two weeks I had my long hair cut to my shoulders. I felt as light as a feather, now all I seem to want is shorter hair!

  9. Marzouq, Yea you guys are lucky in many ways! #1 Deshdashas! #2 Shaved Heads #3 You don’t have to wax off any hair on your bodies :/ LOL! Too much info ha? Too much resentment? And yes I did write alot of posts that day but oh well :P

    Dawn Fairy, I know but I can’t stop cutting it, and well let’s hope it grows now! Next cut should be 6 months from now!

    Chikita, Hehehe I was going to tell you to check sidebar but yay you found it and yes Totally Fish is cool!

    Ananyah, I know hehehe I cut my hair short as well but it’s annoying me with all the layers!

    K, Thanks

    Laialy, LOL! yes yes yes!

    Marzouq, Shhh!

    Pearls, I want long hair now :/