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December 3, 2006  |  Uncategorized


I find that the Nintendo Wii’s marketing strategy didn’t fully cover every aspect of the Wii! Why do you ask? Well simply because I find the biggest selling point would not be the games, the motion Wii-mote or any of the things it actually does. I find that the #1 selling point is, that with the Play Stations and other Gaming consoles one sits on his tush and just plays whereas, the Nintendo Wii offers you a way to stay fit and excercise while playing hehehe, you see, because of it’s Wii-mote you’re standing and you’re playing a game that you would normally just sit with your snacks and play on your Big Screen TV. Furthermore, I hope that they come up with Wii-shoes instead of the Wii-mote or as an extra play controller, why?!

Simply because, if Wii Soccer comes out or any Soccer game for that matter, one can truly live the experience, and take gaming a further notch away.

With that said, I want a Wii! Come on someone show me some love LOL!

P.S. What do you think of my Theory?

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  1. I think Nintendo should pay you for marketing their products :p

  2. That’d be awesome, a pair of kicks for wii. I’m so going to get one after christmas, but I’m a bit hesitated about the whole movement thingy. By the end of the day I’d usually be worn the hell out and all I want is to chill on my sofa and play few levels here n there. Being an addict to a game, say Zelda, can cause fatigue.

  3. aham shay il 7amas:
    “Come on someone show me some love LOL!”

    tara i’ve read this before, so its not new to me

    but i’ll act surprised and all :)

  4. Sou, They should! I’ve got great marketing ideas!

    Coolfreak, I want a Wii too! Hehehe but yeah my idea would be great lol just imagine all the fun you can have.

    Ananyah, LOL!

    Yazeed, Yes show me some love!

    3baid, Yes I saw that’s pretty coool!


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