Another Year

December 4, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Another year passed by… today the 4th of December marks the day that I was born into this world. Some might love the fact that I exist and some might dread that fact and wish that I was never born, but to those who are mean spirited and such all I can say is “Hahahahaha I’m here and you can’t do nothing about it!” But back to being serious!


What have I accomplished in this past year, what has made me a better person? Well I know that I have grown mentally as well as physically (gaining the extra weight ;P) and during this time I have learned to depend on myself in some things that will never be done for me. I also learned that by maintaining a positive outlook on life it can be quite fine and beautiful. I also learned that being grateful for the tiny things is an important thing that one has to never forget, I am doing better than others out there regardless of what I might say sometimes. I nag and whine and whine but that is just because I love to do that. But in the end I am human, what human being doesn’t complain? (show me one who doesn’t and I’ll show you one who does ;P)

This year marked a few changes, I graduated from University, I welcomed a new baby cousin into the world, I’ve sort of developed a different relationship with Mother, I fought with friends, I made up with friends, I have met my Twirlies, I bought a new car (I pay its installments and I like that feeling that it’s truly mine), and now I might become employed, true its not what I have always wanted, not the field or the area I want but its something for the current time being. Many friends of mine who I went to school with changed colleges quite a lot and I find that now its my chance to do the same with the jobs ;) in case I find one that I truly love then I’ll stick with it.

The post went on a lot already so I guess I should cut it short and say “Happy Birthday to Me!” I am finally 23! (Its quite depressing that I’m old now!)

I’d like to thank all the important individuals in my life from the blogger friends to real life friends, if I mention everyone by name I will never finish and I don’t want to forget anyone. So Thanks for Being There when I needed you the most! And thanks to my Jack Bear for making my room quite full and full of life!

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  1. Happy Birthday Baby! I love you to deatttttttttttttttttttttth!

    Next it’s celebrating our twirlie anniversary!!!!!!!!

    Then my birthday in April *dances*

    I weally weally lubbbb uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Next year I’m getting Jack Bear a girlfriend :P

  3. happy birthday jaggie!

  4. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy

  5. how cute u looked when ur a baby! u look so tinyyyyyyy and smaaaaaaaaaaaaalll but look at u now :P

  6. happy birthday jacki :P

    i was borth on 5th :P

  7. Happy Birthday,2+3=5
    that is my lucky no,you know why
    I love u
    good luck today
    why not

  8. happy birthday ya 7ilwa :**

  9. Happy Birthday Sweetheart !

  10. Happy Birthday, I want to write something inspirational and thought provoking but it is early in the morning and I did not have my coffee yet. Anyway, wishing you all the best for today and the rest of your life.

  11. Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy Birthday!


  13. Happy Birthday Sunshine ;*

  14. WooHooo :D
    Happy birthday to you…
    You are living in a zoo..
    You look like a monkey…
    and you smell like one too
    J/K :D
    Happy birthday girl, it’s good to find some people who judge their self (like me) in every birthday. Gongrats for the graduation , i wish you the best.

  15. happy birthday juju;*

  16. Happy Birthday:) i dont know why my first comment isnt up so this is another one just in case hehe
    hope u have a wonderful day

  17. happy brithday!! 3akbal il miyeh!!! 23 sounds old?!?!?!? TRY 28!!!! :p

  18. Happy Birthday Ju Ju :p

  19. happy b-day .. & good luck with your career.

  20. Happy Bday … take me to your leader!

  21. Goodluck finding your permenant job!

  22. Happy Birthday and why am I not in the banner, its all girls!


  24. Only I can call her Ju Ju…. u get me :P

    grrrrrrrrrrrr I loveeee youuuuuuuuu Juuuu Juuuuuuuu and if I’ts quite alrighttttttttttttttt I need you Juuuuu Juuuu to warm my lonely nightssssssssss I need you Juuuuuuuuu Juuuuuuuuuuu trust in my when I saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ooooh pretty Juuuuu Juuuuuuuuuuuu

    mwahahahha I’m hyper!

  25. Purg… u aint a twirlie thats why!

    Sou, Swair, Ju Ju & Me are…..

  26. just wanted to say Happy birthdaay o 3oqbaal malyon sena enshalah .. full of joy , happiness and good health …

    i sometimes read ur blog for fun :) .. love ur personality
    alah y7af’6ech o ewafgich and all the best from the bottom of my heart :)

    you dont know me im sure .. laken i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday …
    and oh yeah .. :))

    happy birthday again …


    Sorry the comments late – you know el zorouf :(

    I love your header!! I totally love the jacket ;) hehe


  28. waaaahahahahaha!!

    i KNOW what i’m going to get you now!!


    betshoofeen shughlich :p

  29. I do not have to be one, am the number one commenter of all time! I should be in the banner!

  30. actually its Zouk and Sou… ur just a sore loser :P

  31. I will take over this blog one way or another!

  32. First and foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who commented and wished me a Happy Birthday and to mention each and everyone of you by name might take a while so I’ll do it this way:

    YBF, Ananyah, Yazeed, OT, Reema, iDip, Forzaq8, Shopa, Dodo, Miyafushi, Daddy, Don Veto, The Stallion, Loca in Kuwait, Frankom, Princess, Dawn Fairy, DiiGam, RadiantGuy, Cinamonia, Fonzy, Pearls, Tata Botata, Marzouq, Purgatory, Moe, BudBud, Sou, and Swair. Thank you each and everyone of you! Hehehe I really loved reading your wishes!