My Birthday Celebration

December 4, 2006  |  Uncategorized


Happy Birthday to Me! Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and your comments hehe I have never been more loved than these past few days I guess :P Hehehe but yeah.

As for today’s celebratory events, well they were almost to nonexistant. I had the Ministry of Higher Education bit to go to, which I didn’t like at all and I am reconsidering it, I mean its not the type of atmosphere I’d like to work in at all. And afterwards I picked up my little bratty sister Lilo, whom I love more than anything, whom even came running to me saying “Happy Birthdayy Juju!” Before that I saw the post its my sisters stuck on the bathroom mirror and the door to my room as well which was cute. But yeah, that’s about it.

I got calls from friends and family wishing me Happy Birthday and even a couple of presents, I got some cash from both sisters, a Flickr Pro account from Ananyah, Dodo’s gift will be given tomorrow but I already know it ;P, and an Amazon Gift Certificate from my two lovelies Nuttie and Lily! Hehehe And let’s not forget my birthday gift to myself.

Anyways, I went over to Grandma’s for lunch, she got me Tikka lunch as a Birthday lunch hehe, and sang me Happy Birthday. Other than that. That’s about it for my day, nothing special really. Ate banak, read a book, worked on a few loose ends, and that’s about it.

Lovely 23rd Celebration? I still prefer my 22nd birthday :P

But my Twirlies, my Sisters and Parents and rest of Family and My Knights are all worth it. Hell you know what! Everyone that I know in real life or in the virtual world is the best! Because you loves me! And I loves you!

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  1. Happy birthday once again… and yeah you know what part of it is, mo kilah ya smart ass :|

  2. a9lan ur too old to celebrate ur birthday! :P

    happy birthday again

    oo inshallah u’ll have fun bacher ;P

  3. Awwww….Look!

    ‘Juju’ on the cake :D haha

    Glad you had a superb day! Inshalla I’ll get the chance to see you bokra if I don’t pass out when class is over :p LOL! It’s terrible being sick *cries*

    Love uuu!

  4. I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :**********

    Hope u like my gift hehehe

    & you know the Twirlie’s love you


  6. Happy Birthday! Alright enough of that, pass the cake!


  7. I’m with 3baid on this one…pass the cake! :p lol!

  8. Happy Birthday! Where is my damn cake! Dag Nam it! hehehe

  9. that cake looks yummy! :) glad to see u enjoyed it. the younger u r the more u enjoy birthday parties;) happy birthday again!:)

  10. EXCUSE ME!! jaxie-o mino ili labsa tiara foag!! i had a heart attack when i saw it!! dnt u know i have a 7asisya to any one wearing a tiara ‘3airi !!! ha!! hehehehe i love u

  11. a7la shay ina I’M THE ONE SAYING happy birthday on the header.. wahaha… i look so cute :p

    anyways, this comment is about u: i luff u and u already know that, and i’m going out to buy ur gift bacher so expect me to start planning meeting with u and Sou at KU (that rhymed lol).. anyways, happy birthday again yal 3ayooz :p (this is a 22 year old talking LOL)

  12. Happy Birthday…glad u enjoyed ur birthday celebration!

  13. Dod, Thanks again hehe and yaaay I know all of it now!

    Yazeed, Bite me!

    Sou, Hehehe yes JuJu! Hehehe and I saw you the day after woohoo!

    Ananyah, Yes I loved it hehe and I love you too!

    Chiktute, Thanks hone!

    3baid, No cake for you!

    Sou, LOL! NO!

    Marzouq, Okay I’ll give you some cake!

    Fonzy, Yes it is yummy and I wish I was younger!

    Princess, it was me :P O it’s my bday kaify LOL! Hehehehe :* I love you though!

    Swair, No it’s all of you I didn’t feel like shoving you guys on the other side ba3dain people say what’s wrong do they have cooties? And yeah Thanks and oh well :P

    Maze, Thanks hon :)