Heroes, Studio 60, and Ugly Betty

December 6, 2006  |  Uncategorized

The following post does not contain any spoilers or recaps of episodes.

I just felt the need to express that “Heroes” has now become my #1 or maybe the show that ties for the #1 spot as a freshman show. It ties with “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” and I love both of those shows but I am starting to adore “Heroes”! I mean I have never watched “Prison Break” nor “Lost” so I can’t compare it to both of those shows but it’s great! My favorite characters? Peter Patrelli (Milo Ventimilliga), Hiro Nakamura, and Claire Bennet (Hayden Panetteire ). It just keeps me on the edge of my seat and anticipating the next moves. And I love it! I just remembered that “Ugly Betty” also fits in on my #1’s. [Link]

“Studio 60”, however, is evolving quite nicely and I love how they shoved two characters together but I hate how two characters won’t just move on because that girl ticks me off! But it’s bringing a new perspective into my love for this show! I can’t wait to see what good they’ll bring on.

“Ugly Betty” on the other hand, *sigh* I don’t know what to say but I adore that show, it’s got comedy and drama all in the same package, and I just adore Henry the Accountant :P

So what are your favorite freshman shows? Only Freshies please!

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  1. Im really enjoying Heroes but it doesn top Prison break!

    I think you should checkout prison break! I havent watch Studio 60 yet! Im still saving it for later when their are no series to watch! hehehehe!

    I dont even know what Ugly betty is! hehehe

  2. Freshies!

    LOOOL!!! That sounded hilarious!

  3. Marzouq, I can’t get into Prison Break just yet I’ll try it out later on hehe and well watch Studio 60 and try to catch Ugly Betty Hehehe

    Sou, Yes Freshies!