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I had a fun interesting day really, from waking up to the rainy weather to meeting up with Dodo and Sou Sou and having a nice chat, to picking up Lilo and then going over to grandma’s and picking up the rest of the girls. How is it fun? I am not entirely sure but I am glad that I met up with the girls, it’s been lonely you know not hanging out with friends for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I adore my online chats with my girls and all but I sometimes need the face to face-ness right? We all do! But it was quite an interesting day and Sou Sou reported on it hehehe but I’d like to thank Dodo for the lovely duckies and gifts she got me :P Hehehe I want to elaborate but it’d take a while and I’ve become quite a bit lazy.

I have a job interview tomorrow, with a Bank at Tawteen, since they conduct the interviews on behalf of the bank and so I hope to be up and early there. I hate how Kuwait City is crowded and all! But what I hate most is that my family still believes I am setting unbelievable expectations on working in Kuwait and that I am shooting down all job opportunities because I enjoy lazying around the house! But that is not entirely the deal and I just want a place where I can at least function, I suck at Arabic, that might be our problem with our Western Education but that doesn’t mean I have to erase all those years I spent studying English in a menial Arabic job now should I? Hence the reason I want to go into Private.

But I hate how some of my Uncles believe I am being a baby about this situation while another believes that I don’t want to work, when in fact each and every one of them shoots down a place faster than the other. Example? I say I want to see an Investment Bank or whatever they are called really, and my uncle turns to me and says but you don’t have job security! One day you can wake up get dressed for work and find that you no longer have a job because they can terminate your contract immediately. Okay?! What do you want me to do I ask? He’s like go with the Ministry job! I’m like no way! Seriously I don’t want to please you by getting into something I know that I’m going to hate and loathe!

Oh well, I said this was going to be short but it ended up long :/

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  1. hmm you know I think there might be a good job for you with Miss Cosmo, check with her.

  2. I had a blast the other day! ;)

    Bossi, a2oulek 7aga concerining your job…

    Elli feeh el kheir ye2ademoh Rabena :)

    mwah! :*

  3. go to the job interview, kick ass, and prove everyone wrong! good luck:)

  4. Purg, I don’t know

    Sou, Yes I did hehe and I love you

    Fonzy, Thanks and I will do that!