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December 9, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Okay, I know that I was supposed to update the template and all that jazz, but sadly enough the header isn’t ready and I am still thinking about a few things regarding it. I will integrate new things within this template and I hope you’ll like it but enough talk about that.

My weekend was quite active, not that much but enough. I had a second “semi-celebration” of my birthday at Grandma’s place on Thursday where I got two cakes (Mango Cake) and a (Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream Cake). Pictures of both will be uploaded later on. And well it was fun, I then headed out to Jarir bookstore and there I found a couple of new books which I of course purchased. But anyways that was Thursday.

Mango Cake.jpg

Choco Cake.jpg

Friday came by quickly and sadly enough I didn’t get to sleep in, I was awake at 8:30 and getting dressed to go out for early Breakfast at Grandma’s new house which is being built.

Beach View.jpg

The beauty of it is that it overlooks the sea and it’s amazing, the weather in the morning was simply beautiful. So I spent early morning with my uncles and (no kids well except Lay [oldest Uncle’s daughter]) and it was quite fun, The youngest three of my Uncles + Aunt, Grandma, and Oldest Uncle and his daughter. We laughed our heads off and I snapped alot of pictures, I guess I’ll do this again next week, it’s beautiful that the house is like 10 minutes away from my home and that’s great!



So that’s besides the point. One funny tidbit, is that youngest Uncle goes like “Call your dad in Dubai and tell him to get me the new Nokia N95 as your birthday gift” and I’m like “What?!!!My birthday gift for you?!” and he’s like “Yeah there is no other occasion for me to get one LOL!” So yeah we laughed and “high fived” each other hehehe but it was fun!

And that was practically it!

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  1. not only have you not changed your template, you’ve actually gone back to your old one :| tsk tsk juuj, you’re slacking off you lazy butt :| you’re going backwards *rolls eyes*

  2. I dunno why, but I felt that this post is just so quick…

    Maybe it’s the meds.

  3. yah ur slacking of u hoe!!!!!

    I want the N95 toooooooo

  4. Dodo, I know but I was just trying to find a medium point, you see I love the commenting area here and I sort of liked the sidebar area of the other one so I need to try to reflect that in both LOL! But not to worry something new will come out

    Sou, How quick? :P

    Ananyah, I am slacking but oh well and no you won’t get it!

  5. I was expectinga surprise! Not this! Change now! hehehehe!

    At least you had an eventful weekend!

    Why do you guys always want the big bulky phones? You already havea camera and this thing will only get in the way!

  6. what happened to ur other template? i always liked this one as well but ur other one was pretty funky too. glad to see u enjoyed ur weekend :) looking forward to the new template

  7. i loved the twirlies template better.. THIS SUCKS!! it used to rock, but now it’s OLD.. so IT SUCKS!!

    everything sucks these days lol i have a research due 2moro :( and next monday :( and i’m supposed to give a presentation next monday :( for the tawjeeh and some other teachers from other schools.. they’re all coming to our school to see me give a presentation about Multiple Intelligences… *sighs*

    the only good thing about today is that i made a student cry :D
    yes, ghair 3an the two students who cheated from yesterday.. this one was giving out a love note and questions such as “Do you love Rahaf?” to the girl sitting next to her..

    anyways, i have to go now :p

  8. Like so quick that i felt enni i blinked and it was over!!!!!!!

  9. Marzouq, I want to shock the masses but I also want to shock myself as well and in doing that I need to add more changes and not tiny ones. And well I don’t love bulky phones but I do love nice flashy ones. Ones that are easier to use you know hehe I am still tempted slightly by the N73.

    Fonzy, I just wanted to come back to this one for a while and yea I had fun.. I’ll put up pictures now.

    Swair, No this one rocks Bowahahaha! And you made girls cry? You’re proud of that?

    Sou, Wow that must’ve been really quick :P

  10. yes, i’m proud :p

  11. Swair, You can bite me for all I care :P